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Zomato CEO’s Comments on Video Featuring Female Delivery Partner

Zomato Responds to Viral Video Featuring Female Model without Helmet

A video showcasing an unconventional marketing stunt featuring a female model, who was not wearing a helmet but donning a Zomato-branded shirt, has gained significant attention and gone viral. In response to this video, the popular food delivery app, Zomato, took to social media to address the situation, with Zomato’s CEO, Deepinder Goyal, using his official X account to share a tweet clarifying the matter.

In his X post, Goyal made it explicitly clear that Zomato had no involvement in this marketing stunt, disassociating the company from the video. He emphasized that Zomato does not endorse helmet-less biking and pointed out that there is no designated “Indore Marketing Head” within the organization. Goyal indicated that the video appears to be a case of someone using the Zomato brand for personal purposes without the company’s consent.

Furthermore, Goyal highlighted the essential role played by female delivery partners in their workforce and their commitment to gender diversity and inclusivity. He praised the women who work diligently to deliver food daily, supporting their families and contributing to Zomato’s mission.

The video in question was initially shared by the verified Twitter account of Rajiv Mehta (@rajivmehta19). Zomato’s response comes as the controversy surrounding the video continues to generate widespread attention on social media and in the news.

The video depicted a “female model” riding a sports motorcycle, dressed in attire typically associated with Zomato’s delivery partners and carrying an empty Zomato bag. Notably, the video showed the model riding the motorcycle without wearing a helmet. Goyal reaffirmed that Zomato does not endorse such helmet-less riding practices.

In summary, Zomato distanced itself from the viral video, clarified its stance on helmet safety, and underscored its commitment to gender diversity in its workforce.


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