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Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal responds to controversy over ‘pure veg mode’ launch, suggests potential rollback if necessary

Zomato’s recent introduction of the “Pure Veg Mode” feature on its platform has sparked widespread debate and controversy on social media. In response to the criticism, Deepinder Goyal, the co-founder and CEO of Zomato, addressed the concerns on Tuesday, stating that the company is open to rolling back the feature if it leads to significant negative repercussions.

The unveiling of the ‘Pure Veg Mode’ alongside the ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ was intended to cater specifically to customers adhering to a 100 per cent vegetarian diet. Goyal emphasized that this initiative is not intended to favor or isolate any religious or political affiliation.

However, despite Goyal’s intentions, the decision has faced backlash across various social media platforms. Critics argue that the introduction of such a feature may lead to segregation and exclusion, rather than inclusivity. Nevertheless, Goyal acknowledged the overwhelming support received from many quarters.

In response to the criticism, Goyal clarified that the ‘Pure Veg Mode’ feature is solely aimed at addressing dietary preferences. Its purpose is to accommodate customers who prefer to order from establishments serving vegetarian food, irrespective of their religious or caste affiliations.

Furthermore, Goyal assured users that participation in the veg delivery fleet would not discriminate based on the dietary choices of delivery partners. Concerns were raised about the potential exclusion of Zomato’s regular fleet from certain societies and resident welfare associations (RWAs). Goyal pledged to address any such instances and ensure inclusivity.

The response to the launch of the ‘Pure Veg Mode’ has been mixed. While some have expressed support for the initiative, particularly those who follow a vegetarian diet, others have raised concerns about its implications for inclusivity and diversity.

Goyal highlighted that the feature has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from many users. In particular, he noted comments from young people who consume non-vegetarian food, expressing appreciation for the option to use Zomato even for their vegetarian family members.

Despite the controversy surrounding the ‘Pure Veg Mode’, Zomato remains committed to providing options that cater to diverse dietary preferences. Goyal reiterated that the company’s goal is to enhance user experience and provide a platform that is accessible and inclusive for all customers.

In conclusion, while Zomato’s introduction of the ‘Pure Veg Mode’ has sparked debate and controversy, CEO Deepinder Goyal has responded to the criticism by emphasizing the company’s commitment to addressing dietary preferences and ensuring inclusivity. Moving forward, Zomato will continue to evaluate feedback and make adjustments as necessary to uphold its values of diversity and accessibility.

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