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ZNet Technologies becomes the inaugural distributor for Akamai’s cloud computing services in India

ZNet Technologies, a prominent cloud distributor in India specializing in cloud infrastructure and managed services, has announced a new distribution partnership with Akamai, a leading cloud company that specializes in powering and securing online experiences. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone as ZNet, now part of the Akamai Partner Program, becomes the first official distributor of Akamai’s cloud computing services in India. Akamai’s cloud computing services are integral to the Akamai Connected Cloud, a highly distributed edge and cloud platform designed for cloud computing, security, and content delivery. This platform is engineered to bring applications and experiences closer to users while keeping threats at a safe distance. The capabilities of Akamai’s cloud services are poised to accelerate innovation, providing developers and enterprises with the flexibility, support, and trust necessary for building, deploying, securing, and scaling applications with greater ease and cost-effectiveness.

Munesh Jadoun, Founder and CEO of ZNet Technologies, expressed the alignment of this partnership with their mission to deliver exceptional digital solutions to partners, enabling them to provide unparalleled digital experiences to their customers. By integrating Akamai Connected Cloud’s open-source and cloud-agnostic solutions into their service offerings, ZNet’s partners are positioned to redefine the digital landscape in India, ensuring unmatched cost savings and performance for their clients. Jadoun emphasized the potential benefits for Akamai’s cloud computing services’ partners and customers, who can leverage ZNet’s proprietary RackNap partner/customer dashboard. This tool enables the seamless monitoring of real-time consumption of Akamai resources, facilitating efficient management of subscriptions, streamlined service renewals, and providing easy access to top-notch customer support. This enhancement aims to optimize partner and customer experiences throughout the entire process.




ZNet Technologies Becomes Akamai's First Distributor for Cloud Computing in  India IT Voice | IT in Depth
ZNet Technologies Becomes Akamai’s First Distributor for Cloud Computing in India

Through this strategic alliance, ZNet will distribute Akamai’s cloud computing services to customers leveraging its extensive partner base in India. This partnership is poised to transform the digital landscape by providing businesses with award-winning support, predictable pricing with bundled CPU, data transfer, storage, and RAM, the ability to manage and scale infrastructure with Cloud Manager, API/CLI, and more, and access to Akamai’s global network for massive scalability.

Mitesh Jain, Managing Director and Regional Sales Leader, India & SAARC, Akamai Technologies, expressed confidence in the collaboration with ZNet Technologies, marking a significant milestone in Akamai’s expansion strategy in India. ZNet’s deep market penetration and expertise in delivering cloud solutions position it as an ideal partner for Akamai. The collaboration aims to set new benchmarks in delivering customer-centric digital experiences.

ZNet Technologies, established in 2009, has been a key player in providing B2B cloud technology solutions. As a distributor and strategic partner for various technology brands, such as Gen, Zoho, Acronis, and Plesk, ZNet not only offers these products but also provides managed services with a team of over 200 cloud professionals holding more than 200 certifications. The in-house cloud service delivery and business automation platform enable ZNet to automate service delivery and accurately bill for usage based on consumption, making it a leading global provider of cloud, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity services to partners worldwide.

Akamai, known for powering and protecting life online, is chosen by leading companies worldwide to build, deliver, and secure their digital experiences. Akamai Connected Cloud, with its massively distributed edge and cloud platform, ensures that applications and experiences are closer to users while keeping threats at a safe distance.

In conclusion, the collaboration between ZNet Technologies and Akamai signifies a strategic partnership aimed at reshaping the digital landscape in India. The combined strengths of these entities, with ZNet’s extensive market reach and Akamai’s cutting-edge cloud solutions, are poised to bring innovative and customer-centric digital experiences to businesses in the region. The strategic alliance reflects the ongoing evolution of the Indian tech ecosystem and the increasing importance of robust cloud solutions in the digital transformation journey of enterprises.

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