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ZION RAM- The one stop solution

downloadAs a longest serving brand for RAM modules, ZION memory modules have been consistently serving Indian PC users for the past 16years through best in class products and services. Over these years ZION has been innovative in creating products for the evolving needs of these customers covering the range of desk top, laptop, servers and gaming PCs.

Today, it offers a wide range of SKUs from DDR1 to DDR3 to chose from. Recently it has introduced a range of RAM modules for the server range as well. ZION server range claims to be the widest available in the market. These are compatible to the assembled as well as leading brands like IBM, HP, Dell etc. In fact many of these branded server manufacturers prefer to use ZION RAM modules in their original products at their end.

This range also covers fully buffered ECC, unbuffered ECC and registered ECC with memory amount varying from 2GB DDR3 module to 16GB DDR3 supporting 1066, 1333 & 1600 FSB. This makes ZION a single stop brand for all requirements of memory modules required in the market.

Thus making its offerings from DDR1 to DDR3 in Laptops and desktops to server memories for all kind of requirement.