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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Rajesh Khurana – Country Manager, Consumer Business, BIWIN

Join us in an interesting conversation with Mr. Rajesh Khurana – Country Manager, Consumer Business, BIWIN

Vighnesh Taunk – Can you provide an overview of BIWIN’s journey since its inception in 2000 and how it has evolved into a global leader in large-flash storage brands?

Rajesh Khurana – BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited (Stock Symbol: 688525) produces high-quality flash storage and is now known in OEM/ODM, consumer, corporate and industrial segments for its independent development capabilities in hardware, software, firmware and storage algorithms.

BIWIN’s experience in manufacturing includes its complete packaging, testing, and production lines at its latest 110,000 m2 facility, BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Zone. This state-of-the-art facility houses all the latest production equipment for assembly, packaging, testing and mass production– including wafer receiving optical inspection, wafer taping, laser stealth dicing, wafer back grinding, wafer expander, wafer laser grooving, wafer saw, die bonding, plasma cleaning, wire bonding and post-bonding AI inspection, wire bond pull testing, compression moulding, laser marking, solder ball mounting, package singulation, and automated optical inspection and ball scan.

From the core to the intelligent edge, BIWIN offers a wide range of flash storage that suits the world’s largest industries. Biwin’s Founders started in the flash storage business in 1995, embracing the “win-win” business philosophy that would later become the hallmark of BIWIN. In 2009 they made a key decision for the business: to add an IC encapsulation ( or IC packaging ) process into the factory . This is a remarkable milestone that most competing companies still don’t have ( others outsource the process or buy packaged IC). This successful step led to the 2010 creation of the company we know today, Biwin Storage Technology Company Limited.

Vighnesh Taunk – What is the vision behind BIWIN’s new logo, and how does it reflect the company’s future ambitions? How does the tagline “Infinite Storage, Unlimited Solutions” encapsulate BIWIN’s mission and vision?

Rajesh Khurana – BIWIN, a leader in storage and memory products for the embedded, industrial, and consumer markets, is proud to announce the launch of its new logo. This visual
transformation is a significant milestone, symbolizing BIWIN’s evolution and its ambitious vision for the future.

A Design Rooted in Infinite Possibilities – The new logo features a cut-glass angular design, seamlessly integrating the sharpness and agility that define BIWIN’s innovative spirit. At first glance, the logo depicts the first letter of the brand name, “B” However, a closer look reveals deeper symbolism: an infinity loop representing limitless, cutting-edge possibilities across all
of BIWIN’s lines of business.  The accompanying tagline, “Infinite Storage, Unlimited Solutions” speaks to BIWIN’s confident analysis of the future of the storage industry and the company’s ability to play an even more important role in that future.

Symbolizing Growth and Future Vision – The launch of the new logo comes at a pivotal moment in BIWIN’s history. Having completed an impressive second-stage growth which saw BIWIN listed on the Stock Market [#688525], BIWIN is now poised to enter its 3.0 era. This phase is marked by advanced packaging expertise, expanded facilities, and competitive strides in a new computing landscape increasingly stimulated by AI technology.

The Story Behind the “Infinity” Logo – The unique angle of the new logo lies in its representation of BIWIN’s infinite potential. It stands as a testament to the company’s journey from its start-up days to becoming a publicly listed entity. The design captures the essence of infinite innovation, agility, and courage that drives BIWIN’s culture and operations.

Vighnesh Taunk – BIWIN is known for its innovative spirit. Can you share some of the recent technological advancements and product innovations that BIWIN has introduced? How does BIWIN plan to leverage AI and other emerging technologies to stay ahead in the market?

Rajesh Khurana – Fast adoption of 5G: In India, 5G adoption is estimated to reach around 50% by the end of 2024. This is expected to bring a dramatic increase in speeds, low latencies, and an unforeseen level of network capabilities. This will set the stage for even more advanced and novel applications enabling everything to be more connected, in real time, 24X7. From the data centre to the edge, 5G and high-speed flash storage are enabling emerging IoT use cases from CDNs, connected and autonomous vehicles, video surveillance, cloud-based gaming, and telemedicine.

AI / ML -The ability of Flash to handle small, random data accesses or IO operations fits the needs of AI/ML and analytics. SSDs have, as a result of their enormous IOPs [IO operations per second] advantages, taken over all workloads that involve small and/or random transfers. AI/ML training and analytics involve randomness in their I/O workloads, and IoT is dominated by extremely small transfers, making both early success stories for all-flash storage systems. Hence, More prevalence of AI/ML requires more flash-based storage.

Vighnesh Taunk – How has BIWIN maintained its position as a market leader in the storage and memory industry?

Rajesh Khurana – Biwin is strategically positioned to reap the benefits of these new trends with its experience and expertise in the Flash storage segment.

For B2C (Consumer segment): Coupled with the world’s leading manufacturing facilities and Brand recognition of world-renowned household names like -Lenovo, HP, Acer & Predator along with established IT distributors like Fortune marketing & KBC Computech, we are very bullish for the coming months in the B2C segment. We expect to continue to leverage the channel strength and experience of our distributors to expand our reach and availability to new and evolving channel segments.

For B2B( Commercial segment): Biwin also provides various manufacturers of mobile phones, education devices, tablets, gaming machines, smart wearables, UAVs, Action cameras, In-vehicle,
DVR/NVR, server, OTT box, router etc with a full range of embedded flash-based storage solutions from consumer-grade to industrial-grade (eMMC, UFS, LPDDR, eMCP, ePOP, uMCP, BGA SSD and DDR)

Vighnesh Taunk – Can you discuss the range of products BIWIN offers across different segments, including personal storage devices, gaming storage devices, NAS, and data centres?

Rajesh Khurana – Biwin offers the following flash storage solutions ( from 128GB to 4TB)

  • Acer Brand: Drams, SSD(NVME/SATA/M2), USB and camera cards. www.acerstorage.com
  • Predator Brand: Gaming Drams/Gaming SSD www.predatorstorage.com
  • HP Brand: SSD (NVME/SATA/M2)
  • Lenovo: SSD (NVME/SATA), www.lenovo-storage.com

For embedded computing, Biwin makes eMMC, eMCP, ePOP, uMCP, BGA SSD, UFS, DDR, LPDDR and small-capacity storage. For industrial control, Biwin makes fast and reliable SSDs (SATA 2.5, SATA M.2, NVMe M.2, mSATA) and memory (DDR4, DDR5, memory cards, DOM Series and more.) For consumers, BIWIN products earn top global press reviews for SATA 2.5, PCIe M.2, SATA M.2, and portable SSDs, as well as DDR4, and DDR5 memories and memory cards.

Vighnesh Taunk – BIWIN has a strong global presence with service centres in 39 countries. How do you ensure local support and timely response to customer needs?

Rajesh Khurana – After sales /service policy: Our distributors viz – Fortune marketing and KBC Computech have a wide network of partners. We enable our distributors to provide seamless after-sales service to the resellers/consumers. In addition, since we always use A-grade flash ingredients, our quality is excellent. Hence the return rates are very low ( ~ 1% ).

Vighnesh Taunk – What are BIWIN’s goals for the next five to ten years, and how does the company plan to achieve them?

Rajesh Khurana – Biwin foresees that to keep pace with the evolving market needs following trends are seen in the Memory space :
Manufacturers need to upgrade to accommodate more and more dense flash storage. Biwin being a world leader in IC packaging boasts of 32-layer die-stacking technology.

DDR5 (the latest type of Drams estimated to become mainstream memory in the near future.
Gen 5 SSD‘s adoption is set to increase much faster.

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