Zebronics launches lantern wireless speaker ‘Atom’ for the festive season,Zebronics unveils its new powerbank ‘ZEB-PB10000’&Zebronics unveils its new 2.2 speaker Cosmos

Zebronics launches lantern wireless speaker ‘Atom’ for the festive season
Set the festive mood just right with our flame light speaker .The festive season is all about family gathering, food, warmth and conversations; add a little music and light and it becomes the ideal setting for a family get together.Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, sound system, mobile/lifestyle accessories and surveillance products has launched a portable speaker called ‘Atom’ with 60nos LED lights which gives a flame effect, set the perfect mood for any occasion.When it comes to occasions, music is an important ingredient, but add a little light and the fusion will make any event special. ‘Atom’ is built for festivities, you can enjoy a conversation over dinner with this wireless speaker as a centerpiece or make your home lit for house parties while you play your favorite tracks. The Atom speaker is designed to help anyone relax by setting a subtle atmosphere of tranquility and warmth with its candle flame like warm glow. Play your favorite tracks and change the look and feel of your home. With a modern yet minimalistic take, Atom comes with an arched design for an overall lamp like texture. It has a flame light with 60 LED’s emitting a warm fluorescent orange glow, which emits the effect of a burning candle. When it comes to sound, the Atom is impeccable offering a good output quality so you can rest assured when it comes to entertainment.The wireless speaker comes with two options either you can use BT to stream your music wirelessly or you can opt for the micro SD card to play your tracks. There are buttons in the middle that help you change the track, increase or decrease the volume. There is a button to switch on the lamp and it comes with built-in rechargeable batteries.Speaking on the newest launch, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says,” We’re geared for the festive season with our enchanting 2 in 1 speaker and lamp ‘Atom’. This wireless speaker is ideal for festivities, occasions and even gifting because it features the effect of a burning candle with the benefits of a wireless speaker.”

Zebronics unveils its new powerbank ‘ZEB-PB10000’

Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, sound systems, mobile/ lifestyle accessories and surveillance products has launched a 10000 mAH capacity power bank ‘ZEB-PB10000’ that will become your phone’s savior.Sporting a textured finish and a slim design is the must-have mobile accessory for all, especially in the era of ever faster smart phones. Featuring a slim design, ZEB-PB10000 is not only powerful but compact too.Crafted with heavy-duty performance of 10000 MAH capacity, get optimal usage with dual USB ports with a max output of 2A .The power bank comes with an LED charge indicator to help one know about its battery usage.Slide it into a backpack or take it to meetings this gear will not let your phone down. Featuring an overcharge/ overload and short circuit protection don’t worry a zilch about overcharging issues. Zebronics is the best in terms of safety, style, functionality, and compatibility.Maximize your potential without the hindrance of a low battery, with a power bank you can truly rely on Compatible with most devices, this power bank is available in all leading stores in India.

Zebronics unveils its new 2.2 speaker Cosmos

Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, sound systems, mobile/ lifestyle accessories and surveillance products has launched its 2.2 speaker ‘Cosmos’Giving your home an ultimate audio lift, comes our 2.2 speaker aiming at giving you the kick of the bass to get your party started. The charm of LED lights, powerful audio yet designed functionally for a compact space.Put your favorite songs on a loop or kick back for a refreshing experience with the LED lights to create the perfect soothing ambiance. Get the ultimate bass with dual subwoofers that give you the much needed thump. The speaker comes with a modern design and has LED lights across the speaker cones giving it a rather contemporary look. The speaker has an overall compact feeling to it and it comes with various controls for volume enhancement and one can totally adjust the bass, treble factor which is essential in the overall listening experience.Get the best of multi-connectivity options with Cosmos. Play your music wirelessly or enjoy your playlist via a Micro SD card.or an AUX cable. The option of an inbuilt FM radio is definitely fitting for the overall listening experience.Speaking on the launch of the product Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics India says “ Our speaker range is renowned for producing high fidelity sound. With the launch of our 2.2 speaker Cosmos we’re aiming for that ultimate bass with dual subwoofer in a modern design”This product is available across all leading retail stores across India.

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