January 26, 2021

Zebion,have launched a contemporary range of intrusion alert devices named Argoz, suitable for Homes, Offices and Warehouses. These devices have an instant notification facility as soon as unauthorized trespass occurs, either by dialling out to the owner’s mobile number or through a smart APP. The dial out can be followed by an SMS and the owner can nominate secondary, tertiary or more numbers in case the primary contact number is unavailable.


The Argoz intrusion detection system can have an attached hooter or siren. However many would prefer not to startle the burglar, but rather engage law enforcements authorities instantly to nab the culprit while still in the act.

At a media launch event in Le Méridien Pune,Zebion’s Director and CEO, Yogesh Dagale explained “With the incidence of break-inand thievery on the rise in virtually every setting (residential and commercial) Argoz opens a new chapter in society’s fight against crime”.

Another Zebion Director, Abhishek Lodha, added “Argoz instantly relays information about a break-in at the very moment the crime occurs. This empowers the property owner to exercise the best option available. While the most obvious reaction could be to inform the police, one could also inform friends, neighbours or the society office”.

For years, citizens and law enforcers have felt that CCTV systems alonewere insufficient when trying to ensure holistic securityof a premises or prevent crime. While CCTV remainsessential, and in some cases indispensable, their primary function is to facilitate post-incident analysis, not crime prevention. As Saurabh Dey, Zebion’sCMO, explained “Argoz and CCTV are complementary products, and they work synergistically”.

In view of the increasingly daring crimes in our cities and the fact that burglars are using smarter methods to bypass conventional security arrangements, Abhinandan Dagale, COO avers that “we are empowering citizens to stay one-step-aheadwith Argoz,and feel secure at all times”.