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Zebion unveiled Argoz Grand and a slew of other related devices

downloadIn a major convention held earlier in Rajkot, comprising over one hundred Electronics Shoppe owners and Security Solution providers,Zebion’s Chief Marketing Officer Saurabh Dey, unveiled Argoz Grand and a slew of other related devices designed to keep burglars out and empower home, office and shop owners to have complete peace of mind. By installing a modern intrusion defense system such as this, any property shall comeunder round-the-clock vigilance, which can be supervised over cell phone or tablet.

The earlier version of Argoz, inaugurated in February by Pune’s Mayor and prominent jeweler Fatech and Ranka, had the ability to instantly dial-out to the property owner’s phone as soon as intrusion happens. This new model goes even further by grabbing a snapshot of the intruder and sending it via specially built app to the phone. In a demonstration to seminar participants, Zebion’s technical team explained that Argoz Grand had both – sophisticated motion sensors and also an inbuilt high-definition camera. Technical Manager, Prakash Shinde explained to the audience that “like all members of the Argoz Family, Argoz Grand’s key feature is resistance to false alarming. The device is only triggered by humans of a certain body mass; no alarm or action is triggered by innocuous objects like pets, rodents, birds or lizards”.

When asked by the electronics trading community about the public’s response to Argoz thus far, Dey explained, “we have been overwhelmed by the positive response in Maharashtra and the South; we are now happy to serve the Gujarat market through our regional distributors”.

Zonal Sales Manager, Dinesh Soni, explained “The first member of the Argoz family of products, called Argoz Regular, has been mostly appreciated by store owners, who switch the devise on at night when they leave for the day. Strong adopters so far have been jewelry stores, boutiques and storage centers having high value merchandise. I am certain the new Argoz Grand will be favored by the same audience, plus we will see heavy adoption by home owners, who will use it not only for intrusion defense but also to watch over children, domestic workers, pets or the elderly. Similarly, businessmen can use it to remotely monitor their office, warehouse or workshop”.

In addition to Argoz Grand, Zebion also introduced a number of other futuristic surveillance and security products for the Gujarat market. This includes face recognition technology based access control systems, biometric scanners, grain free digital surveillance cameras, special night vision cameras and face capturing cameras.

Ketan Doshi, MD of Version Computers, Zebion’s authorized distributor in Rajkot stated, “what is wonderful about Zebion’s range of security products is that they all work synergistically. By combining a range of products we can provide holistic security to any environment – commercial, residential or warehouse”. To this Dey added, “Our overarching vision is ‘Sampoorna Suraksha’ (Comprehensive Security), and thus our continually widening range is designed to meet every need, or to remedy every possible vulnerability”.

Argoz Grand may also be used simply as a remote camera that can be remotely controlled by a handheld phone or tablet. It has 3550panning angle and two-way communication audio. Shinde explained that in cases of violent crime the ability to hear the remote party was both critical and valuable.

Himanshu Ajmera, a security products retailer from Rajkot who attended the convention said, “I was very impressed with the main seminar and the launch of these appreciable security devices. While most people only speak of all-inclusive security, Zebion seems to have done considerable homework behind their dream of Sampoorna Suraksha – and I think the dream is now converting to reality”.

Dey outlined that Zebion was actively educating dealers and solution providers across Gujarat to implement their newly released products (like Argoz Grand) and spread awareness among the general public about better and deeper means of residential and commercial security. Zebion currently has retail, service and support partners in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Bhavnagar, apart from Rajkot.

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