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Zaggle to empower corporates and SMEs to automate complete accounts payable lifecycle

Zaggle, India’s leading B2B2C SaaS FinTech providing integrated card products bundled with SaaS-based business spend offerings launched Zoyer to simplify and automate business to business payments for Enterprises and SMEs.  Zoyer unites accounts payable and credit card payments onto a single platform to enable enterprises streamline business to business payables for effectively managing operating cash flows and maximizing business performance.

The latest innovation is another step in actualising Zaggle’s vision to becoming a global digital bank that addresses the complete financial management, payments and credit flow needs of enterprises and SMEs. Currently, Zaggle’s multi-product suite is deployed by some of the largest corporates and SMEs in India to manage employee expenses and channel incentives tightly integrated with prepaid cards from leading banks in the country.

Business-to-business (B2B) payables is estimated to be a US$2 trillion opportunity in India. Today a significant proportion of spend is entrenched in paper-laden, manual and complex processes, which hamstrings ability of finance, procurement, technology teams to effectively manage operating cash flows. A cloud-native platform, Zoyer improves efficiencies by automating the complete accounts payable lifecycle including supplier on-boarding, PO issuance, invoice capture, three-way reconciliation, payments and advanced reporting.

The platform supports multi-payment rails real-time account to account and card rails enabling businesses to make payments from within the same platform. Zoyer uniquely embeds Zaggle branded card products such as Founders Card and corporate credit cards directly into accounts payable workflows for seamless payments. The integrated credit card offering enables corporates to securely and efficiently manage a range of transactions including vendor payments, utility and tax (GST) payments. Corporates benefit from optimised processing costs via earned rebates and cashbacks with the added benefit of access to immediate credit to improve working capital and better manage liquidity positions.

Raj N, Founder, Zaggle

Speaking on the launch Raj N, Founder, Zaggle, stated; “We are excited to launch Zoyer to drive the next stage of development in our digital banking journey and deliver real value to our customers. B2B enablement to track, monitor, issue and manage credit and access to credit for the enterprise and SME segments represent a trillion-dollar market opportunity and is ripe for disruption. At Zaggle, we are continually striving to deliver best-in-class digital solutions to become the preferred one-stop B2B payments and credit provider for enterprise and SMEs. Zoyer reinforces our ongoing commitment to empower businesses with solutions engineered to optimise core financial management processes and strengthen organizational resilience.”

Avinash Godkhindi, CEO, Zaggle

Speaking on the launch, Avinash Godkhindi, CEO, Zaggle, said; “Enterprises and SMEs have a significant need to digitalise B2B payment processes so they can rapidly adapt to changing market dynamics. But the segment remains vastly underserved by incumbent solutions and limited self-manageable credit cards or corporate cards. We are proud to bring a functionally rich, business spend management platform with credit/corporate cards capabilities that makes capital-efficient growth a reality. Beyond digitalising core invoicing and payment flows, with Zoyer, we are laying a strong growth foundation by enabling businesses to manage liquidity through better allocation of working capital and providing an immediate credit line tied to credit cards.”

Sathish N, CPO, Zaggle

Speaking on the launch Sathish N, CPO, Zaggle, said; “Zoyer is part of a rapidly growing portfolio of innovative financial management SaaS solutions that Zaggle is launching for the enterprise and the SME segment. Zoyer is a natural adjacency for us, which makes our spend management offering more complete and just perfect for Zaggle to get into corporate spend cards and credit cards. Zaggle positioning with Zoyer as the single source of truth on everything “Expense” for businesses that we serve. Additionally, a platform-centric approach allows us to layer on allied Zaggle branded and third-party products to meet evolving financial needs of businesses, minimising the need for investments in multiple systems, he added.”

Zoyer offers a mobile-first, data-driven decisioning, API-first technology platform that tightly integrated with CMS platforms to enables continual and efficient credit management within the business workforce. In the initial launch, five critical personas and their pain points will be addressed. These will be further enhanced, basis a robust research based 12-month roadmap in place. Built over the Amazon cloud, Zoyer’s customers can deploy the full-stack platform with minimal upfront investment and a competitive ‘pay as you use’ commercial model.  The unique features built into the platform include:

  • AI and ML-based touchless invoice processing workflows eliminate manual tasks and improve straight through processing
  • Support for multiple payment modes, including corporate credit cards, real-time payments, and bank transfers in line with business needs
  • Embedded credit card and virtual card offering provides opportunities to earn cash back and rebates on spend
  • Integrated analytics offers insights to power continuous process improvement and optimise spends
  • Assured compliance with in-country invoicing, data archival, and taxation regulations
  • API-first architecture for seamless integration with existing ERP and accounting systems as well as payment processors, banks and third party added value service providers

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