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YouTube Music’s mini player redesign is now rolling out

Google has introduced updates to its YouTube Music app, aiming to enhance user-friendliness and prioritize user preferences.

The latest update includes a minor redesign of the app’s mini player. The YouTube Music app now features a permanent Cast button in the mini player, replacing the Next track button.

Additionally, the top right corner of the app has been simplified, resulting in a cleaner appearance.

To compensate for the removal of the Next track button, Google has introduced a new gesture that enables users to swipe left or right to navigate between tracks.

These changes primarily focus on improving the casting experience to Chromecast-enabled devices and provide convenient track navigation through gestures.

While the updated app is being rolled out globally, some users have already been experiencing these changes for the past month. However, users may need time to adapt to the new features or reprogram their muscle memory accordingly.

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