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YouTube Music Finally Adds Live Music Lyrics In Their Latest App Update

In a move aimed at enriching the musical journey for its users, YouTube Music has unveiled a noteworthy update that promises to elevate singing sessions to a whole new level. The eagerly awaited live lyrics feature is now making its way to both the Android and iOS apps of YouTube Music, effectively transforming the way users engage with their favorite tunes. With this enhancement, the Lyrics tab receives a strategic redesign, offering larger and better-spaced text that makes following along with the lyrics an even more enjoyable experience.

The integration of the live lyrics feature into YouTube Music is a testament to the platform’s dedication to enhancing user engagement and immersion. As users dive into their favorite tracks, they will now be treated to a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The live lyrics feature will seamlessly highlight the current line in white, while the remaining lyrics take on a subtle grey hue, ensuring that users can focus on the words being sung.

Furthermore, a clever touch is introduced through the inclusion of a blurred version of the album art in the background of the live lyrics display. This addition not only adds an aesthetic dimension to the experience but also maintains a sense of context by providing a subtle connection to the music’s visual identity.

Prior to this update, YouTube Music utilized a note to signal the beginning of audio before the actual music kicked in. This thoughtful approach adds a layer of anticipation to the experience, inviting users to immerse themselves in the forthcoming musical journey.

It’s important to note that while YouTube Music’s live lyrics feature is gradually rolling out, not all songs will initially support this enhancement. However, the platform’s commitment to a comprehensive user experience is evident in its ongoing efforts to expand the list of supported songs over time. For songs that do not yet support live lyrics, users will still have access to static lyrics to ensure a consistent experience.

Reports from multiple sources confirm that the live lyrics feature is now available on the Android (v6.15) and iOS (v6.16) apps of YouTube Music. To ensure a seamless activation of this feature, users are advised to force-stop the app and explore multiple songs. It’s important to note that this recent update does not introduce the Now Playing UI with comments, a feature that is also undergoing testing.

This enhancement catapults YouTube Music closer to the realm of its competitors, such as Spotify and Apple Music, both of which have long offered the live lyrics feature within their apps. With this strategic move, YouTube Music reaffirms its dedication to delivering an immersive and comprehensive musical experience, empowering users to connect more deeply with the music that moves them.

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