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Yatiken: Empowering Digital Transformation Since 2014

Inception and Leadership:
Established in 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Yatiken is a global digital agency founded by Alok Kashyap, a seasoned tech professional. Alok, serving as the CEO, leads the charge, while legal ownership in India rests with Yatindra Nath Jha and Dr. Anupam Kumari.

Vision and Mission:
Alok Kashyap’s vision for Yatiken stems from a commitment to making technology solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes. The company strives to bridge the technology gap, offering quality tech and consulting solutions to both startups and established enterprises.

Core Offerings:
Yatiken’s core offerings encompass development (websites, apps, software), consulting, and digital marketing. The company’s versatility allows it to cater to diverse business needs under one roof.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):
Yatiken distinguishes itself through competitive pricing, a management team with Fortune 500 experience, and extensive exposure to the USA, Canadian, and Indian markets. Alok Kashyap’s commitment is reflected in the company’s bootstrapped status, covering all initial operational expenses.

Addressing Industry Challenges:
Yatiken addresses the challenge of limited technology access by providing cost-effective and accessible solutions. Their services cater to startups and established enterprises, promoting inclusivity in tech solutions.

Client Base and Expansion Plans:
Currently serving six clients, Yatiken is poised for expansion. The development of YKZini, their pioneering product, signals the company’s ambition to enter the online services market with distinctive features and offerings.

Comprehensive Consulting:
For businesses facing operational roadblocks or seeking expert guidance in IT requirements, Yatiken stands as a reliable partner. The company leverages its capabilities and experience to transform future aspirations into present accomplishments.

Beyond Development: Elevating Brands Digitally:
Yatiken’s scope extends beyond development, offering Social Media, SEO, and Performance Marketing services. These comprehensive solutions aim to elevate brands in the digital age, enhancing online visibility and optimizing search engine rankings.

Digital Success Target:
Yatiken aims to achieve a revenue of 1 million USD in the current fiscal year, reflecting its commitment to growth and excellence in the digital space.

Empowering Every Business:
In a digital landscape where every business deserves a chance to thrive, Yatiken unlocks the potential of technology. The company empowers businesses to transition from envisioning what’s next to realizing what’s now.

With a customer-centric approach, competitive pricing, and a commitment to quality, Yatiken emerges as a catalyst for digital success, poised to shape the future of tech solutions and consulting.

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