Yahoo bringing YouTube rival soon


According to recent reports, the internet giant Yahoo is planning to launch a brand against Google’s YouTube this summer. These reports are hovering only a week after some reports speculated Yahoo being in talk to acquire a video streaming start-up RayV.

Plus, in order to build its upcoming video streaming services more result-oriented, Yahoo is seeking partnership with central YouTube video makers. And for this, it’s offering better models of revenue-sharing or more profitable fixed ad rates as compared to Google

At present, YouTube covers 45% of advertising revenues, but Yahoo is planning to go against it by offering a huge difference that will offer more favour to creators. 

Initially, Yahoo wanted to explore a new video streaming platform in April, but due to some contract issues it could not. Plus, there was a huge stress around content ownership. However, the earlier contract drafts gave rights of video to Yahoo.

Besides, video creators at Yahoo will be allowed to have their own channels, similar to Google’s YouTube. And, Yahoo’s video player will also be compatible with other sites.

The Yahoo creators will also be given a publishing dashboard for helping them in distributing throughout Yahoo properties.


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