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Xiaomi claims that they can now charge a phone in just 8 minutes (at 200W)

Xiaomi Fast Charge
Xiaomi Fast Charge

Xiaomi has shown off their latest fast charging tech called the “HyperCharge”, and it can now charge their supported phone from 0-100 in just 8 minutes straight with a 200W wired charger. And along with that those phones are also capable of getting charged form 0-100 wirelessly in just around 15 minutes with a 120W wireless charger.

They used a modified Mi 11 Pro, which had around 4000 mAh of battery. Couple of years ago, Xiaomi did also announce a fast charging tech which could charge a phone in just around 17 minutes with a 100W charger.

You can see the tweet by Xiaomi in which they had demonstrated their HyperCharge capabilities:

These kind of technological enhancements are always appealing and are sometimes promising too for the consumer usage. And with this it can help a user connect someone in emergency situation in just few seconds if the battery is 0, as it’ll juice up enough for normal usage in just few seconds. But along with this, a phone capability to last a day without having to charge is also an important factor.

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