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X, formerly known as Twitter, launches a ‘basic’ subscription plan for verified organizations, offering complimentary ad credits

X, formerly known as Twitter and now owned by Elon Musk, has unveiled a new subscription tier designed for verified organizations, targeting small businesses. Priced at Rs 16,790 per month or Rs 1,68,000 annually, this basic subscription offers an affordable alternative for verified organizations, being 80% cheaper than the “full access” subscription, which is priced at Rs 82,300 per month.

Catering to smaller businesses, the basic subscription provides subscribers with ad credits and priority support, facilitating faster growth on the X platform. Despite its designation as a basic plan, subscribers still receive notable benefits, including the coveted gold checkmark, priority access, and Premium+ perks. Premium+ benefits encompass features such as access to Grok AI and hiring functionalities reminiscent of LinkedIn.

The more expensive full-access subscription not only includes the aforementioned benefits but also offers affiliation support and a 2x boost. It’s worth noting that each affiliate account associated with the full-access subscription incurs an additional charge of Rs 4,120 per month.




Twitter / X: Cheapest tier for gold checkmark drops from $1,000 to $200 |  Mashable
Twitter / X: Cheapest tier for gold checkmark drops from $1,000 to $200

For a limited time, X is sweetening the deal by offering a $1000 (Rs 83,000) advertising credit, which can be utilized to purchase ads on the platform. This limited-time offer extends to $200 a month or $2,000 annually for companies subscribing to the basic verified organization plan.

Businesses can conveniently subscribe to the verified organization programs through either the desktop or mobile app. The inclusion of the gold checkmark serves to make a business account stand out, providing a visual cue for authenticity and credibility. In addition to the gold checkmark, subscribers gain access to Media Studio, formerly known as Tweet Deck. This tool assists publications in scheduling posts, managing content, and gaining insights into performance on Twitter, offering opportunities for monetization.

For individual users, X offers three distinct subscription tiers. The Basic subscription is available at Rs 245 per month, the Premium subscription is priced at Rs 650 per month, and the highest-tier Premium+ subscription costs Rs 1,300 per month. The Premium+ subscription provides exclusive access to Grok LLM, an enhanced offering likely to appeal to users seeking advanced features and benefits.

Elon Musk’s ownership of X has brought about various changes and innovations, with the introduction of subscription plans being one of the recent initiatives. These plans are strategically designed to cater to both businesses and individual users, offering a range of features and benefits to enhance their experience on the platform.

The move to introduce a basic subscription tier for verified organizations at a significantly lower cost reflects a strategic effort to make premium features more accessible to smaller businesses. With the added incentive of a limited-time advertising credit, businesses have an opportunity to explore and leverage the promotional capabilities of the platform at a reduced cost.

As the subscription landscape continues to evolve, X’s approach of tailoring offerings for different user segments underscores its commitment to providing diverse and valuable experiences. The introduction of subscription plans for businesses aligns with the broader trend of social media platforms exploring alternative revenue streams and providing enhanced services for users willing to invest in premium offerings.

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