Workaround Update Launched By Google For Android Wear Devices

There were reports claiming that the paid apps are not working properly on Android Wear devices. To solve these issues Google has now launched a new workaround update to mend the problems. Braced with the new workaround update in place, paid app makers will now be required to manually place files differently. This will be done so that there are no issues with these paid apps for the Android Wear in the near future.

“As per the documentation, there are two ways to package your wearable app: use the ‘wearApp’ Gradle rule to package your wearable app or manually package the wearable app,” the official page for the same stated.

“For paid apps, the workaround is to manually package your apps with the following two changes, and you cannot use the “wearApp” Gradle rule.” Google is now offering a four-step guide on how to manually package paid apps, with Google also saying that it will push out an update to the SDK build tools that will remove the need for the workaround.

Nevertheless, the company has also accepted that this is a temporary workaround for the same and not a final solution for these issues. So expect more updates for the same in the near future.

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