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Wipro Is Focusing More On Development Of 3D printing unit.

IT Voice News: Wipro is focusing more on development of 3D printing business ever since Maltesh Somasekarappa, head of Wipro’s 3D printing unit received an order for 3D printed skull for patient’s surgery. According to some online reports, the accidental case of patient urgently needed 3D printed skull. The printing of skull was done in an hour but by the time doctors received the printed skull, patient had slipped into coma.

wipro_Logo Wipro has recently invested $1 million (Rs 6  crore) in a 3D printer. Wipro has been using the 3D  printer for manufacturing of fuel nozzles of  airplane engines and satellite antenna parts of  hydraulic pumps. Wipro is planning to focus in  additive manufacturing with the new investment.  3D printer plants have highly automated systems  that can manufacture units using one metal piece.

Many global manufacturers such as, Nike, General Electric, Siemens, Rolls Royce have adopted to 3D printing long time ago. The 3D printing industry has grown to $6 billion (Rs 36,000 crore) in last three years. Many Indian manufacturing companies are also adapting to 3D printers for better prototyping and small time manufacturing.

Most of Wipro’s clients for 3D printing unit are in aerospace, healthcare and defence sectors. The 3D printing unit itself was started with vision of tapping in this fastest growing market. Pratik Kumar, head of Wipro Infrastructure business said, “We are using our 3D printing unit for prototyping for our clients. We were tempted to start retail unit of 3D printing but it would’ve been distraction for Wipro’s growth. We have invested about $2 million (Rs 12 crore) so far in 3D printing plant.”

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is getting Vane Guides 3D printed from Wipro 3D printing unit. Vane Guides are used in engine’s combustion chamber. Some motorbike manufacturer company is also taking Wipro’s help in 3D printing some parts. Wipro hasn’t leaked detailed information of its clients for 3D printing and their orders. According to sources, Wipro has partnership with General Electric for fuel nozzle manufacturing.

Wipro has purchased 3D printer from EOS. Wipro has partnership with this Singapore-based company that excels in additive manufacturing. According to EOS, India is the best country right now for the development of manufacturing industry. As much as 30 per cent of global design manufacturing is done by Indians.

Even though 3D printing technology are not yet popular among small scale manufacturing companies. Still, in some domains like defence, healthcare and aviation, companies like Wipro are coming up with next generation technology for high-tech manufacturing. This will definitely help the development of economy scale. Wipro is aiming to tap in this soon-to-be billion dollar industry.