WinMagic Partners With Raksha Technologies

WinMagic announced its partnership with a Chennai-based company Raksha Technologies. The association WinMagic_Logo_web_250x120between the two brands is envisioned to shape visibility and increase reselling of WinMagic’s star products, SecureDoc and SecureDoc CloudSync in India. Raksha Technologies provides complete Information Security (IS) Solutions. They specialize in delivering Information Security solutions to the companies or business units of any size. They also cater to a large base of customers across several verticals like Banking, Health, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Education and many more.

This strategic partnership for WinMagic has been vital to form a better partner system and provide companies with services that can help them keep their vulnerable data safe and avert information breaches on the cloud. Since the majority of organizations today store delicate and elusive information in the cloud, it becomes all the more important to concentrate on approaches to keep the information safe. WinMagic concentrates on close teamwork and incorporation with partners and firmly implementing clear and continual distributor partnerships across India.

Commenting on the partnership Rahul Kumar, Country Director & Manager, WinMagic India stated, “Raksha Technologies is a focused security partner market and WinMagic, a focused security OEM and the relationship is very strategic for both parties. This relationship is aimed at helping WinMagic increase its reach across the southern Indian market as well as ensuring that customers get the best solution that they need to address their business pain points. Raksha Technologies has a very experienced sales and technical team in Bangalore and Hyderabad – which would help us broad-base our presence quickly and effectively. With the new products in our offering for the cloud market, this is the right time for us to address the market together and we are very confident that this relationship will bring in a lot of synergies in the marketplace.”




On this V.Anand, Chief Executive Officer from Raksha Technologies said “In our constant endeavour to provide the best solutions to our customers we tied up with WinMagic about a year back since it was able to fulfil most of the requirements of the Security Conscious Customers. It helped the customers in reducing their risks from Data thefts, protected their critical Data and is complaint with the regulatory System. WinMagic’s encryption solution called the SecureDoc encrypts data on various devices and prevents it from being misused. SecureDoc protects the data at the endpoint where it is created irrespective of the Device or Platform where it is being accessed from or saved. SecureDoc also helps in encrypting Removable Disks, CD’s/DVD’s and Files and Folders.  Taking a step forward WinMagic will launch its new Solution SecureDoc Cloud VM later this year.  With a strong Technical Team and efficient Sales Team WinMagic has been widely accepted by customers all over the World towards providing effective Security to their Critical Data.”


WinMagic’s solution SecureDoc protects data on the endpoint, where the data is created, regardless of the device or platform where it’s accessed or saved. And SecureDoc CloudSync is an application that enforces transparent file encryption on cloud folders through policy, to ensure data is protected before it leaves the endpoint.