Windows Phone 8.1 To Have Transparent Live Tile

windows-8.1Reportedly, as presented in the recently leaked images, Nokia has added the Transparent Live Tile in the new Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone devices. The version is likely to come with a new voice assistance support named Cortana, as well.

While, there is no assurance of the image to be real, but the transparent Live Tile looks fairly remarkable. It is suggested that when the user will add background image , the Live Tile will appear behind it.

As per the leaked image, once the image turns out to be a genuine, it can be seen that one of the colourful Live Tile feature might go transparent, with just the outline and an icon of the app. And, the background coming as through-and-through display, said a report by Gizbot.

Incidentally, there are more than a half a dozen images that were leaked online, by gdgtArena. The new UI is captured on the Lumia 520 device. The new Windows Phone 8.1 will come with several new features like notification center, which Nokia might call by the name of action center, Cortana (Voice Assistant) and Start Screen Background.

Microsoft has also announced that there would be a dual-SIM feature on Windows Phone. However, the above information have not received an official confirmation, yet. It is to be noted that since the Build 2014, Developers Conference, is coming soon. The market may be able to see what Nokia and Microsoft have in store, for its Windows Phone, said the same report. It is noteworthy that Nokia revealed its Nokia X Android smartphone at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2014.

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