WiJungle – The Most Preferred Brand for Gateway Management and Security

Blending design, engineering and innovation in appropriate business ratio has always been a backbone of revolution. There have been many historic instances where world has witnesses this power.
WiJungle, a global brand in the field of network & security, has been immensely successfully in showcasing this revolution with its contemporary advanced gateway appliance. The innovation of delivering both Unified Threat Management (UTM)/NextGen Firewall (NGFW) and Hotspot Gateway functionalities through a single device has gathered a huge attention and interest from experts across the world. Thus the product has eliminated need to deploy two different products in a premise. Its engineered such a way that it uncompromisingly caters the business needs of verticals like (Enterprises, Hospitality, Education Institutes, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Residential Estates, Events etc). 
The product is not only extraordinary in terms of technical innovation but giving tough competition to existing players in terms of affordability and service feature as well.
If compared the prices of WiJungle with other existing products, the differences comes out to be between 25–35% I.e. WiJungle is too economical to miss.
In fact as per the market research, currently it’s the most affordable product in its segment and hence it has increased the adaptability of customers. 
Looking the product from the service feature perspective; flexible policies and unaddressed magnet features have given a cutting edge.

Certain major key differentiating and magnet features of WiJungle are –

  1. WiJungle devices provide inbuilt storage of surfing logs for a period of 1 year along with search functionalities.
  2. Unlimited Free Transaction SMS along with the appliance
    (This offering indirectly saves the expense of INR 12000 of the end customer)
  3. On renewal, all features continue to work. Only updates and support are halted.
    (This means, even if you don’t renew, appliance will continue to work the same way as it was working for 365 day.)
  4. 24*7 Free call and email technical support with advanced hardware replacement.
    (As per the internal policies, support team is required to answer/resolve the issue within 90 minutes and close the ticket.)
  5. Auto feature update via cloud.
    (Inference- If an OS version has been released with new features then it will updated across all the deployed devices.)
  6. Intuitive Captive portals for both Fixed and Roaming user perspective with Social Media Engagement and advertisement option.
  7. PMS/HIS/Any third party integration and custom development provision.
  8. No module wise pricing.
    (WiJungle has just one pricing inclusive of all features. No modules wise charges for Anti-Virus or Anti-Spam features any more.)
  9. Real time activity notifications.
  10. Location based policies in addition to traditional User/IP/Mac based policies.
  11. A personalized one to one training to every customer after deployment of product.
To boost and develop the market in a more independent way, leveraging ODM association facility to Product Companies/Distributors/System Integrator to establish and sell the product under their brand name while keeping WiJungle as their original design manufacturer.
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