The biggest question that we are facing apart from the Covid-19 crisis is whether you should zoom or Google meet. It is a tough question, and your reference may depend on a lot of things. So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both. Even after so many alternatives and being so famous, applications like Skype, Microsoft team, and Google Meet could not gain as much market share as their counterpart Zoom, even after being in this trade for so long. A company’s success it when its brand name becomes a verb, and Zoom has already crossed that standard. People whenever conducting an online meeting say ‘Lets Zoom’ rather than ‘Lets video-call.’ Zoom has set the industry standard and that too pretty quickly. Google seeing the success of Zoom, has fine-tuned its meeting app called to meet and is a pretty good alternative. Though regular users may say they both have the same functionality, many things are happening behind the scenes.
Google meet is perfect for up to 6 people offering 60 minutes in the free version, and that is a pretty sweet deal. Zoom provides up to 100 members and 40 minutes in the free version. Both give you the option to share content by displaying the screen to the rest of the members. In Zoom, you have an added facility of virtual backgrounds and whiteboards for explaining. Then comes the paid version, which unlocks a plethora of services for Zoom, and one may consider it the better option when it is not facing any security issues. You can have the paid version of Google meet with G suite subscription, enabling you to record meetings, live streams, and unlimited meeting hours with 250 members. Whereas in Zoom, you get meting controls that are pretty unique to it. Zoom is a large scale platform with the paid version you record meetings, mute participants, create a lobby before anyone enters a meeting, chat, and support a gallery view of 49 participants.
In contrast, in Google Meet, it is limited to 16. Though there is a disadvantage that you have to install the zoom app on your device where you can log into the google meet account via google account and start or schedule a meeting. From a broader perspective, we can see that Zoom is a winner on an enterprise-level, but it has its fair share of problems because google Meet meetings are end to end encrypted whereas zoom’s calls aren’t, this can be a safety concern for you. The number of cyber-attacks has grown in the past months, and Zoom has been facing issues. The company has been trying to resolve this issue and make it a safer platform.

There is a new term called Zoom fatigue when people are tired of holding meetings online and want to get a break from sitting in front of the camera. So we suggest that people think of innovative ideas to keep the flow going, and there is no harm in switching off the camera once in a while.