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“When considering the higher level, the organisation need to have a complete security operation centre,”- Dr. Prateik Ghosh, vice president of SCS Tech




Jahnavi– Considering various ways of cyber attacks and the issues have been taking place by each passing day, what are the ways and the solutions you offer to avoid them?

Prateik – We’re basically a company which is a technology transformation company and we tend to provide the enterprise level security solutions along with digital transformation and integrated disaster manageable systems. So, for us each and every incident is somewhat a disaster. When we talk about the cyber security, there are various threats which are both known as well as unknown. Basic level people are using things like firewall etc., but along with a cm kind of environment where the entire security related events are being captured. What we tend to provide is an environment where we do the advance threat management to the security operation centres and cm. We do infrastructure security which involves network Security, application level security as well as the cloud level security. Next level of security is the human access which is where we need to ensure the identity and access management. We ensure is the person is authorised for the accessing of the particular area, and so we do focus on the access management security as well. Today, IT and IOT based devices are present and so, we have to focus on its security as most of the iot devices are very small and fast in their process but they don’t have any security level inbuilt into it. When a device data comes in, we do an IOT level security also to check if the data that is coming in is inclined to the demands of the client. To take care of this, we have a complete team which starts with a cyber advisory kind of thing which is consulting in things like what are the studies required for the infrastructure, the gap analysis, the risk that we identify today and what risk can be present in the future, and then suggest them a solution which encompasses all the hardware, software and all the requirements.

Jahnavi– What are the major aims as well as the vision of the company?

Prateik – When we talk about the major aims and vision, we are having 5-6 competency of ours, so enterprise competency is one such area, digital transformation, integrated disaster platforms, providing technology infrastructure and smart city solutions along with that, we’re also into talent and workforce augmentation. So, if you are the vision or cause, we want to get into government projects where our first aim is to digress into the private sector in India. We have set ups in Dubai, and so we want to expand it to the Middle East market which stopped due to the covid. Expansion into the Middle East is one of the major things which we need to get into in 2023 onwards. Third is to include new solutions. Everyday, there are new solutions coming in and a lot of them buy startup’s, established companies, and so we’re trying to expand our bouquet of solutions so when we go to a client, if there is certain requirement, and we tend to find a good startup or a solution related to that, we try to have an agreement with them or maybe by that company so that we can offer those market driven solutions to the end users.

Jahnavi– What all are the different strategies and ways through which the ultimate goal is achieved in your company?

Prateik – First is to have the latest technology as well as the solution. We have our in-house development team and so we develop a lot of solutions ourselves. We also integrate with market solutions which are prone to our industry. For the growth, we are expanding our team and during covid there were no hiring or anything going on at all, so since 2022 starting, we are hiring and we aim to become an expert rich company by middle of 2023 where we have the core domain experts in the team around 7200. Coming from various domains like security, finance, agricultural domain which is upcoming and that is how we want to strategise that we have experts pool with us. Project specific experts, we can always hire at that time on contract also.

Jahnavi-What are your thoughts on the IT industry? And how do you think it can boost?

Prateik – IT industry is already extremely boosted and covid has already taught us that. For the companies which always used to prefer having face to face meetings, they have understood that there are digital mediums to take care of the meetings and take care of all presentations, close businesses online. So, IT industry is enormously boosted and for the companies which are not boosted, they need to understand the digital transformation or the technology transformation is the way forward. All of them need to have an investment budget in place and they have to understand their industry and what their fellow competitors are doing.

Jahnavi– What factors are ensured by you for the crosschecking of quality of the products?

Prateik -Quality checks are well defined in the technology projects and so if we’re supplying let’s say two parts- hardware and software, in software the quality check starts from the beginning only, where we check each and every software for the bugs and everything. Then at the deployment level and the users level, we tend to ensure that all the user requirements are fulfilled and users are satisfied. In terms of hardware, there are already well defined factory acceptance methods and all. So, we have a complete in house quality control team for the both of them which ensures the quality check along with the vendors. In-house, before it is dispatched, at the client end, that everything has reached properly to them, after implementation. So there are factory acceptance, site acceptance and all the quality measures are written down. We also fulfill the iso related documentation which are required for the quality checks and everything.

Jahnavi– How are you able to attain customer satisfaction considering there are different type of customers all over the globe and every individual has their own and different need to satisfy?

Prateik – When it comes to any standard product, like if one is going to buy a Microsoft office, it’s a well defined product and they don’t customise it as per the requirement. The Microsoft office goes as it is whether it is being bought in USA, here or anywhere else. There are certain solutions which are customised as per the plan’s requirements. Those are the places where we do the complete user assessment requirement specifications are drawn based on the user requirements. Today, a major thing is language localisation. If I have an amazing product working in India, and I want to sell it to Middle East, I have to have a language localisation, which translates as well as the screens into the local language. So the customisation is somewhat required and the large companies are also doing that like Facebook, google etc. have all kind of languages and so for smaller companies like us also need to have this factor.

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