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WhatsApp introduces a feature allowing Windows users to control emoji substitutions

WhatsApp has added a new feature for its users, allowing them to manage emoji replacements. This update is currently available for Windows desktop beta testers who have installed the 2.2350.3.0 update from the Microsoft Store.

With this feature, users gain the ability to deactivate text-to-emoji replacement, giving them more control over their messaging preferences. This toggle for managing text-to-emoji replacement can be accessed in the app settings under the general tab, providing users with the flexibility to maintain the original intent and tone of their messages.

Automated emoji replacements may not always accurately convey the user’s message, and some users may prefer the clarity and precision of their chosen symbols without automatic alterations. Additionally, some users may choose to keep the text they enter rather than relying on automatic emoji replacements, allowing for a more personalized communication style.





WhatsApp New Feature Update: Meta-Owned Platform Rolls Out New Feature To  Disable Emoji Replacement As They Type Text | 📲 LatestLY
WhatsApp New Feature Update: Meta-Owned Platform Rolls Out New Feature To Disable Emoji Replacement As They Type Text

In addition to this emoji management feature, WhatsApp has introduced Channels Alerts for beta testers. This feature, available in the Android beta version, is designed to enhance the user experience for channel administrators.

It provides real-time information on their channel’s suspension, allowing administrators to receive notifications about potential policy violations. With Channel Alerts, administrators have the option to initiate a review of their suspension directly through the Channel Alerts screen. This feature aims to empower administrators to stay informed about their channel’s status and take prompt actions to address any issues related to policy violations.

These updates reflect WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience and provide users with more control over their messaging and channel management. The ability to manage emoji replacements and receive real-time alerts about channel suspension adds valuable features for users who seek customization and immediate insights into their messaging and channel activities.

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