WebKonf Meetings- The most Secured, Protected Virtual meetings platform

It Voice:-What is the vision and USP of Webkonf Meetings as compared to other players in the same domain?

Mr.Ram Malay :-Webkonf Meetings is Simple, Secured, Protected Video/Audio Meetings platform. The application is produced, designed and developed by Hyderabad based company Soniks Consulting. This application is enabled with Local hosting end to end encryption without any data breaches for data privacy, which means Webkonf does not collect any data which is not relevant for Webkonf operations such as most of the other apps, collect users’ browse history.

It Voice:-What are the changes in policies and strategies the company has initiated to successfully run this model?

Mr.Ram Malay :-We are working on backend API’s. Once we have robust testing results we will consider partnerships and distribution options to work with partner firms and sales firms just like any other big firms does.

Privacy policy is customized to meet current needs of users. Some of the initiations are decisions to avoid saving recordings on cloud.  Localized user interfaces & chatbot features.

It Voice:-Businesses are facing a hard time in India, how much has it affected your company?

Mr.Ram Malay :-Traditional business verticals have slowed down but digital space like ecommerce/web & apps have grown by 300%. Webkonf usage has grown exponentially. Very soon we will plan for a paid version of Webkonf Meetings once we release new features and enhancements, Webkonf Meetings is planning for virtual launch of commercial version of product.

It Voice:-What are the expected expansions?

Mr.Ram Malay :-Digital/web/apps Projects are growing along with new acquisitions. Hence we are expanding web/mobile teams to meeting customer needs.  We are adding machine learning and AI capabilities to Webkonf Meetings platform. This will be long term roadmap which is already in progress.

It Voice:-What is the company’s client base?

Mr.Ram Malay :-We have clients in India, USA and Africa regions. For the free version of Webkonf Meetings, we have a user base from 35 countries. With repeated customers using the app.

It Voice:-Is the company planning any major collaboration, if any name it

Mr.Ram Malay :-We are partners with Oracle for Cloud needs/expansion to give better performance and experience to end users.