Weartrons Launches Run-N-Read Device On Dragon Innovation’s Crowdfunding Website

Dragon-InnovationWeartrons, a creator of wearable electronics products that aim to make day to day life better, launched a project on Dragon Innovation’s crowdfunding platform. Weartrons’ goal is to raise funds to begin production of its small device, Run-n-Read. The Run-n-Read is a device that enables people to read while working out and can be used with most cardiovascular workout machines, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, stepmills, stairmasters and stationary bikes. It also reduces the strain on eyes while reading on a train or bus.

“Run-n-Read is providing an elegant solution for a problem that many people can easily relate to and have assumed that there is no fix for it,” said Praveen Elak Co-Founder, Weartrons. “We are launching on Dragon Innovation’s platform as we believe that their deep experience and practical knowledge in volume manufacturing of electronic products will help us recognize and address – all of the second-, third-, and fourth- order problems. Those are the things you can’t learn elsewhere unless you try and fail, something we cannot afford.”

What looks like a smaller version of a zippo lighter with a clip, is actually a stabilizing device that makes it easier to read while your head and/or body is moving. Clipped to your headband or to your shirt, the Run-n-Read uses motion sensors and tiny controllers to sync your head movements with a tablet via Bluetooth.

The device tracks your head movements and then adjusts the text on the screen in real time so that it bounces around in time to your pace. Though a person standing nearby can see the text jumping up and down, the person wearing the device would see the text as perfectly still.

Run-n-Read’s Features include:

• Easily read in multiple dynamic scenarios where your head is moving, the accompanying iOS and Android application.

• Flip pages without reaching out to the tablet – one tap on the device takes you to the next page and two taps takes you to the previous page.

• Count the number of steps and calories burned, and act as a simple fitness tracking device as well.

• USB powered rechargeable battery – 20 hours of active use time and 1 month of stand by time.

• Available in four attractive colors – Ruby Red, Paradise Green, Ocean Blue and Coral Pink.

• Thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy connection, Run-n-Read works completely wirelessly.

Run-n-Read officially launches. Early bird pricing will start at $40.00 and lasts for the first 50 units only. For the remainder of the campaign, the device can be purchased for $55 and after the campaign, Run-n-Read will retail for $70. Using Dragon Innovation’s new crowd funding platform, the Run-n-Read preorder campaign will run through October 5, 2013 with the product shipping in or before January 2014.