We have seen tremendous growth since the launch of Creative Cloud- Umang Bedi,Managing Director – South Asia Adobe

Umang Bedi, Managing Director - South Asia at Adobe

Umang Bedi, Managing Director - South Asia at Adobe
Umang Bedi, Managing Director – South Asia at Adobe

Vikas Gupta :-  What changes do you find in Adobe’s go-to-market strategy in India?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- With the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud, we have transformed our go to market strategy completely. With Creative Cloud, our tools are now easily accessible and affordable to the consumers, small businesses and enterprises. Adobe Creative Cloud membership gives access to the very latest versions of all the Adobe professional creative desktop applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and more- plus makes new features and upgrades available as soon as they are released.  Within a year of launching Creative Cloud, we have seen 1 million paid subscription being adopted globally and are confident  that this momentum will continue to grow. More details can be found here –


 Vikas Gupta :-  What kind of distribution network you are planning?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- We value our channel partners a lot and appreciate their contribution in increased sales volume. We have already trained more than 700 partner executives through webinars and instructor-led trainings on Creative Cloud. For Adobe’s Creative Cloud Teams (CCT), the licensing fulfillment is done by our channel partners. We cater to our large enterprise customers through Enterprise Term Licenses Agreements (ETLA) and have recently launched Creative Cloud SingleApp for Teams for those who just want to have single tool from Adobe’s kitty. In this way we accommodate every need of our customer and have solutions for everybody.

Vikas Gupta :-  What are the challenges Adobe India faces today? What kind of growth has it seen over a year?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- We have seen tremendous growth since the launch of Creative Cloud. Globally, we have 1 million paid subscriptions and almost half of them are first timers. In a market like India piracy is a challenge but we are optimistic that customers love the easy affordability and accessibility of our products with Creative Cloud.

Vikas Gupta :-  Has Adobe’s affliction by piracy come down? What steps are you taking to address the problem of piracy?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- As outlined is the response to the previous question piracy is a challenge but  we are optimistic that customers love the easy affordability and accessibility of our products with Creative Cloud. Adobe works with organizations around the world, such as the Business Software Association, local police forces, government agencies and industry associations, to help prevent software piracy.

Vikas Gupta :-  Since social media marketing is growing, what solutions do you have for social marketers?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- We have a product called ‘Adobe social’, which basically helps in not just monitoring the voice of the customer in terms of sentiment, but links it back to ROI since we can link it back to analytics. In a nutshell, we have the ability to understand the customer – who he is and when they come into the website. A predictive analytics of what the customer will do, what the segmentation is created using the creative cloud which is there on the asset management library and put across different platforms through the experience manager. Infact, we measure about eight trillion transactions and two billion dollars’ worth ad-spends.

Vikas Gupta :-  What are some of the points where Adobe products score over the competing forces in India as well as globally?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- Adobe’s tools such as Photoshop have become verb these days and we are proud to know that people connect with us personally. Adobe offers various tools for creative professionals that no other software maker has offered so far as a whole package. Be it in design, video, web or photography Adobe has tools for every creative professional and we are the market leaders across most segments. We not only offer solutions to create but also monetize it through our Marketing Cloud that enables marketers to optimize their content in a smart and strategic way to get higher ROI.

Vikas Gupta :-  Being a premium solutions provider, how are you positioning yourself in the market today?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- Adobe’s positioning has always been very clear. Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. We harness our creative DNA to not only enable the creation of beautiful and powerful images, videos, and apps, but also to reinvent how companies interact with their customers across every digital channel and screen. Our solutions empower businesses to make, manage, measure, and monetize content. We have a portfolio of many of the most respected and recognizable software, which are brands in their own right. Our products like Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat reader and Flash are clearly synonymous to Adobe and draw user’s attention to the brand.

Vikas Gupta :-  What is the big focus of Adobe today? What are some of the top priorities for Adobe in India?

Mr. Umang Bedi :- We continue to impact businesses across all spheres and reach out to consumers, small businesses and enterprises. Adobe Creative Cloud continues to be a big focus area for us. Our digital publishing tools are catering to publishers and helping them deliver high-value relevant content and services that engage audiences, measure and monetize that content.  Education is a big focus area for Adobe and we offer amazing education tools like Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate that help educators to develop more engaging content and enhance learning skills.  Additionally, our Marketing Cloud solutions combine content and data, personalization, experience management, and social capabilities so businesses can move faster from data to insights to action. Marketers, advertisers, and publishers use our solutions to optimize customer experiences and campaign returns across channels and screens. With real-time data and solid insights, companies of all sizes are providing customers with the exact experiences they want, where and when they want them.