DSC_0014Mr. Rajiv Warrier Brand Manager from Creative Peripheral & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. who is in distribution of I.T. as well as non I.T. products like telecom & CE products with a significant reach across India since 1992, shares his vision & mission with IT Voice.

IT Voice : As a distributor, what do your customers want ?

Rajiv Warrier : Our customers are mostly Channel, LFR and Online and mostly they need the Latest Products of Brand that we carry.

IT Voice : Everyone is talking about technology these days, how do you define technology ?

Technology is helping Life to adapt to the various changes in the environment. Technology helps in improving Living Life better.

IT Voice : What skills are you investing in, for your employees to provide greater value to your customer ?

Rajiv Warrier : Our Employees are regularly Trained for latest technology.  We are ever working on improving our infrastructure helping our Staff to perform in their assign task to its best.

IT Voice : You are helping your clients to develop new market. Tell us where companies go right & wrong with their marketing strategies ?

Rajiv Warrier : We help by working together with Brand to complete Marketing Activities, this helps to generate enquiries for our clients. We at Creative Peripherals try to provide our vendors with the right inputs which help them to provide localized solutions.

It is seen that some Brand try to spread their Marketing Activities into all segment and due to which maintaining continuity in Marketing Activities is hindered and this affect in Brand Building and enquiry generations.

IT Voice : Technology blessing or curse. Comment.

Rajiv Warrier : Technology is always a blessing if planned and implemented properly. Regular Maintenance and upgrading of technology is also vital.

IT Voice :  What benefits are you giving to your channel partners ? 

Why people join with you ? Your’s competitive advantage ?

Rajiv Warrier : Best prices for the products that we distribute.

  • Activities that will ensure Sales
  • Training
  • Continuous Stock
  • Delivery
  • Replacement or support for Non Moving stocks.
  • Last but not the least Credit and good Margins.

IT Voice :  As you are from 18 years, how do you maintain this long term stability ?

Rajiv Warrier : Change is one thing that we have always adapted to. Today we are not only a distributor for IT products but added telecom, Imaging and Life Style products. Our Partners get innovative products to supply to their hard earned customers and making more margins from the same customers and our vendors get varied channel partners to grow their reach in the India.

IT Voice :  What is relationship building all about ? 

                      Why do you need to build and sustain relationships ? 

                       How do you build and sustain relationships ? 

Rajiv Warrier : We have always Managed Good Relations with who so ever associate with us.

Relationship helps the company to keep on moving and help us get over down falls and keep the growth phase steady.

We try to identify the need of every relationship and participate to help fulfill these needs. This help Creative Peripherals to Build and Sustain relationships.

We see our Staff, Vendors, Partners, Channel, Clients as a BIG Family and it is growing daily.

IT Voice :  We’re one of the largest market for eWaste ( import also include ) , comment on it’s impact in                              India & how can we get rid from this as IT & technology generates approx 35% of total eWaste. 

Rajiv Warrier : This is true. The impact in India will be the maximum as we have one of the biggest population in the world and every body keeps on buying Electronic Products.

Govt. should highly incentivize Green technology products import business. All Businesses should have a mandate for starting an awareness campaign on eWaste and Green Technoloy.

Tax benefit should be given for activities initiated for educating eWaste by corporate. This good corporate governess should be promoted in our distribution business.

IT Voice :  What’s your opinion about new form/medium of marketing ? 

Rajiv Warrier : According to Creative, Digital Marketing is the new form of Marketing. This is taking maximum budget from Marketing Budget of companies but we cannot totally discontinue the Offline Marketing Activities in India. Offline activities still initiate brand building in mind of Indian customers and help grow our business. We should have a combination of Online and Offline Marketing Strategies for any Brand in India.