We have already started our lead generation system in all the major locations :- Mr. Sunil Kripalani, Senior VP Global Sales & Marketing eScan

Mr. Sunil Kripalani, Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing, eScan

Mr. Sunil Kripalani, Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing, eScan
Mr. Sunil Kripalani, Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing, eScan

Vikas Gupta-  What will be your growth strategy in India for this financial year?

Sunil Kripalani- In this financial year, we would be focusing majorly on BFSI, Government and manufacturing segments. We have strategic plans to strengthen our market penetration in the south and north regions of India. We have already strengthened our team in these regions and have even started focusing more on expanding our associations with system integrators.

Vikas Gupta-  With so many vendors offering security solutions, do you think customer loyalty is a major issue?

Sunil Kripalani- Yes, with so many options available for customers in the market, Customer Loyalty towards a brand is indeed a major issue. However, due to our two major strengths; one is availability of customized eScan range of product as per the needs of our customers, and second is Free 24×7 technical support by experts, our customer retention rate is very high.

Vikas Gupta-  How do you think your enterprise channel partners should pitch eScan to execute profitable business deals?

Sunil Kripalani- eScan is a comprehensive security solution that is tailor-made in accordance to the IT security needs of large networks. In addition to a complete protection from IT threats, eScan helps lower the total cost of ownership by reducing administrative overhead as well as the costs associated with managing multiple endpoint security products. It provides a single client that is administered via a single centralized management console which simplifies endpoint security administration and provides operational efficiencies such as single software updates and policy updates, unified and central reporting and a centralized licensing and maintenance program. eScan even facilitates advanced IT management through comprehensive Asset Management, managing Print Activity and customized real-time reporting. It neutralizes the requirement of any other third-party software for meeting specific requirements in managing monitoring and controlling security on network computers.

Vikas Gupta-  What are the key differentiators of eScan in anti-virus market?

Sunil Kripalani- eScan is a comprehensive solution that provides total IT security to large networks. Some of the key differentiators of eScan are Remote deployment of eScan and other third-party applications, Role-based administration, Total Control- Application, device and web, Print activity management, Asset management, One time password, Proxy setting protection client Live updater, IP Blocking and many more such advanced features that ensure complete protection to IT networks as well as help manage security of IT infrastructure in a better and convenient way.

Vikas Gupta-  What will be the company’s strategy as far as system integrators are concerned?

Sunil Kripalani- We have already initiated tie-ups with some of the leading national level SIs in various parts of India. Some of our recent associations are with companies such as Wipro, HCL and HP. Other strategies are as mentioned in the below questions.

Vikas Gupta-  With virtualization and cloud gain across enterprise, what will be eScan approach in this aspect?

Sunil Kripalani- We have recently launched eScan security solutions with Cloud security for our SOHO customers.

eScan range of security solutions for SMBs and Corporate are specially designed to meet their growing security needs. These security solutions are tailor-made to provide multi-layered protection, thus ensuring business continuity in addition to reduced cost of IT security management. eScan comprises of advanced and futuristic technologies that ensure Zero-Day Protection against Malware, Hacking, Phishing and Spam to the server as well as clients. In addition to its effective Endpoint Security with Device Management, eScan comes with application control facility that helps administrators define applications that can be restricted on the client computers. The innovative web-based eScan Management Console facilitates network administrators to monitor and deploy a variety of security measures and enforce integrated security policies across the network, all using a browser. eScan even ensures real-time Asset Management through the eScan Management Console.

Vikas Gupta-  What are your plans for working with system integrators?

Sunil Kripalani- We have already started our lead generation system in all the major locations. This will help us provide leads to our SIs which will help them earn better revenues. We will also be providing our SIs with excellent margins; pre-sales support as well as secondary technical support as and when required.

Vikas Gupta-  When it comes to channel expansion, can you please elaborate on company’s strategies on this aspect?

Sunil Kripalani- Being a channel centric brand, we have an exclusive channel partner program designed to fulfill the Technical, Marketing and sales needs of our partners. We regularly come up with various schemes that help our partners enhance their business profits. Moreover, we organize exclusive marketing activities such as channel meets and training programs to help our partners understand better about eScan. Recently, we have designed an exclusive incentive scheme for the technical team of our partners to help them earn benefits once they deploy eScan.

We participate in various events along with our partners and also together organize events such as road shows and security awareness campaigns that help them to enhance market penetration and serve customer better.