“We Believe In The Best”- Says Mr. Piyush Somani Founder,MD & CEO from ESDS


Mr. Piyush Somani Founder,MD & CEO, ESDS

Mr. Piyush Somani Founder,MD & CEO from ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. It is in following Sectors – Cloud Computing, Storage, Cyber Security, Infrastructure, shares his view with IT Voice.

IT Voice – Why is a good Web hosting service important to businesses & website owners?

Mr. Somani – In Today’s world, internet is the biggest market place and helps an organisation to create its global presence. Online business allows you to be available 24/7 for your customers and a good web hosting provider is the backbone of a successful online business.

IT Voice – What is your best-selling hosting plan?

Mr. Somani – ESDS has variety of web hosting services and turnkey solutions for enterprise, mid-sized and small scale customers as per requirement. Our best hosting plan is eNlight cloud hosting as it is available in Public and Private Cloud versions with unique Pay per Consume billing model.

Public eNlight cloud is suitable for Home Users & SME segment as it easily fits into their budget because of pay per consume model. Our Public cloud provides feasibility for instant virtual machine resource upgrade & billing model helps customer save cost as customer is charged for only resource consumed by their application.

Private eNlight cloud is most suitable for Medium & Large Enterprises due to its unique auto-scalable feature which is effective during occasional high resource requirement.

Our smartly designed cloud panel enables all cloud users to create, modify or delete their Virtual Machines anytime using Android application or cloud panel. Cloud panel enables monitoring projects more effectively by allowing virtual machine resource management.

IT Voice – We noticed that you’re offering many type of hosting. What are the main differences between them? How can someone find that “It’s best for me”?

Mr. Somani – We have several types of web hosting offerings to fulfil hosting needs of customers from different segments. We have services for simple hosting account (usually referred to as a shared account) which is perfect for hosting blogs or personal websites & a more sophisticated hosting products (VPS, Dedicated Servers & Cloud hosting) for business critical applications like ecommerce websites, SAP, ERP or Banking Solutions.

Our 24×7 online Sales team is available on phone & chat to assist prospective customer in finding best hosting solution for their business needs. Our support mission is to ensure all customers are satisfied with the services and enjoy their association with ESDS.

IT Voice – Your customer’s are happy with your services & products. How ESDS keeps customers so happy?

Mr. Somani – ESDS truly believes in Exuberant support & services, Importance of Customer service is imbibed in the mindset and attitude of every employee. We always understand customer needs to recommend appropriate product or design suitable hosting solution to ensure smooth services. Our 24×7 support team is always ready to assist customer with their needs & do not mind going an extra mile for quickest resolution. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

IT Voice – How do you differentiate your products in a competitive market?

Mr. Somani – Our focus in product development has always been customer driven which enable us to design products which can make customer’s life simple & add value to their business growth. We have designed several products in last few years which are helping customers manage their business with ease like scalable eNlight cloud on Pay per Consume billing model, eMagic for managing Data Center, MtvScan for scanning any malware or vulnerability in websites. Our eNlight cloud has per minute billing & vertical scaling which makes it unique from all other available products in the market. Our datacentre management suite, eMagic is one of the easiest & quickest deployable Data Center management software available in market. eMagic is capable of managing network devices, switches, routers, data center racks & inventory of hardware required in Data Center.

At ESDS, innovating new products is all about providing value to customer.

IT Voice – Do you think the India’s hosting market is different from the World’s hosting market?

Mr. Somani – Yes, this is very much true. Overseas buyers are more comfortable with online marketing however India is still in the transition phase from go to market to the world of ecommerce. Indian market is more relation based, where customer relationship play an integral part and referrals are backbone of business.

IT Voice – What advantages are there for you being based in the India?

Mr. Somani – Indian workforce is one of the most skilled and dedicated workforce across the world. This is the biggest advantage of having business in India as there is ready pool of talent which is imperative for running a successful business.

Indian economy is growing & with new IT policies planned by government, it is expected for a phenomenal growth. If we take advantage of it, we can change the face of the world.

IT Voice – How do you market your services? How did the customers know about ESDS?

Mr. Somani – Marketing effectively is one of the biggest challenges for all businesses and entrepreneurs today. With more and more players venturing into the market developing right marketing strategies is the need of the hour. At ESDS, we extensively use Social Media & forums to engage our prospective customers & build relationship with them. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.

IT Voice – The things that matter most in web hosting is “Reliability & Performance”, how do you ensure the best uptime and speed to your customers?

Mr. Somani – We believe in providing best & appropriate solution to run the business smoothly. We have team of skilled workforce who provide exuberant support & services to customers. Our in-house Data Center management solution, eMagic plays an important role in providing proactive service monitoring to achieve High uptime & excellent performance. At ESDS, customer is our first and foremost priority.

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