“We are sure of staying “Always Ahead” in this segment with innovative and stylish products.”-Mr Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India pvt ltd.”

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice,Mr Rajesh Doshi,Director,Zebronics India pvt ltd.reveals his strategies for business in India .

Mr.Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India pvt ltd.

IT Voice:-How has the accessories segment been so far ?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-The accessories segment is doing fairly well, this is due to the mobile boom. Accessories like power banks, earphones, headphones, headsets have their own space in the market.If you notice the accessories market is also seeing a rapid change in terms of introducing multifunction products which also helps a buyer feel satisfied as he is getting multiple products for the price of one.

Speaking of multi-functional products Zebronics had launched a 6 in 1 power charger called Esteem, it is an all in one portable device which is wireless speaker, LED Torch, Power Bank and also comes with cycle mount. We also have multifunction 3-in-1 cables. Recently we’ve launched a range of fabric finish portable speakers that come in vibrant colors that have multi- connectivity options. Our latest ZEB-PG20000PD is a fast charge power bank that can not only charge two devices at a time but charge them very quickly. Our wireless headphone and earphones are also doing very well in the market the overall market is doing good.

IT Voice:-Where do you think the future lies for accessories?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-The next big thing which is revolving around our lives and has made it important for daily functioning is Wireless.  The new wave of connectivity is going beyond laptops and smartphones, it’s going towards connected cars, smart homes, connected wearables etc.  Basically a connected life. We are slowly getting into smart appliances, smart wearables are also trending on the internet, and these devices are something to look out for.

Accessories have become a need with the mobile market constantly reinventing itself and with it the need for accessories to be wireless is the most prominent today. The trend would be multifunctional accessory products that are eye catchy, extremely light and compact that save both cost and space.

IT Voice:-As a leading brand in peripherals, How is the peripheral market doing ?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-The IT peripherals market is dropping, we’re seeing an overall trend of customers being more aware about build looks, feel and features. Our premium product segment which was launched last year has been a huge hit with multifoldgrowth in sales, taking count of looks, features and build. Since the Premium segment is doing well for us, being the only Indian brand that has chassis that are truly premium and outbeats the renowned MNC brands. We have the largest range in mechanical keyboard which none of the other brands in the market has. We also have a great range of premium headphones and gaming mouse with high precision and real gaming chipsets which are made by a handful of international brands only. We will be further expanding this range by adding more models in all the product verticals and launching premium power supplies soon.

IT Voice:-How do you ensure growth in accessories segment ?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-The biggest USP of Zebronics is vast range of  products that cater to a diverse sector and our adherence to EQR Mantra (Excellence, Quality and Reliability) which has lead to becoming the No.1 brand in IT peripherals and one of the most important player in multimedia Speakers, mobile/lifestyle accessories and Surveillance. We will be introducing more and more products in this segment. Most of our computing needs are slowly shifting to mobile devices and devices like power banks, headphones are getting more and more important part of this change.

IT Voice:-What products can we expect in the future in this segment ?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-The products in the pipeline for accessories are an upgrade to our existing accessories like power bank, headphones, headsets, speakers, and cables. Apart from this we will also be launching new products in accessories segment like adapters, docking station etc. We’ve introduced a lot of made in India products to support the government’s make in India initiative, in future you can expect more products which are made in India. The accessories segment is looking like one of the most promising segments right now and we are sure of staying “Always Ahead” in this segment with innovative and stylish products backed by supreme performance.