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Mr Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India pvt ltd.

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India Pvt Ltd., reveals his strategies for business in India.

Mr Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India pvt ltd.

IT Voice:-Product Line up for the upcoming year?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-We have an extensive range of products under the power solution category. We are one of the leading brands in India when it comes to line-interactive UPS with more than a decade of experience in this segment. Our inception for the online UPS segment was in late 2017, now we have a wide range of online UPS up to 40KVA capacity. To complement this range of UPS we have introduced batteries up to 100AH capacity. In the power segment, we also have products like Isolation Transformer, Servo Stabilizer, Active Harmonic filter and more.

IT Voice:-USP of the products and current business opportunity in the Indian market

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-As with all other products, Zebronics adds value to every product with our EQR mantra that stands for excellence, quality, reliability to bring out quality products in every segment. In such a competitive market it’s difficult to succeed without quality products. We have introduced products that are of exceptional quality with value prices. We also have a wide range of power solution products so customers/partners do not have to go anywhere else for their requirements and their needs can be fulfilled with Zebronics basket of products.

Apart from that Zebronics also has an edge when it comes to after-sales service with presence across India and in this segment its very important criteria for the customer when buying a product. The same applies to all retail and sales as we have a presence across India. Business opportunities are great in this segment. As a growing economy, we have our share of challenges when it comes to power management. There are lots of opportunities in SME and govt segments due to these challenges. Indian online UPS market is growing at a tremendous pace and forecasted to grow at the same pace in the coming years.

IT Voice:-Which all kind of innovation can expect from Zebronics in the near future?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-We are trying to give the customers a hassle-free experience. As we have a complete range of power solutions, we can give customers an end to end solution. In terms of technology, we are ensuring that the products are made to sustain Indian power conditions. Products that can protect your equipment from power problems like surges, noise, harmonic distortions, low/high voltages, etc. We are also launching products that are high on efficiency and require less maintenance including product features like remote monitoring, automatic alarms and smart features like power management.

IT Voice:-What is the company’s current turn over and target for this year?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-We have been successful in registering Zebronics as one of the leading brands in the audio segment and fastest-growing brand in mobile accessories. With the growing use of smartphones and laptops, there has been a considerable drop in IT peripheral segment. This year we will be retaining our turn over and hoping to register some growth in these turbulent times. The target for the year for us is to see Zebronics as a preferred choice for customers in both offline and online markets. CCTV products also have shown good performance. We will be also putting our best efforts to successfully establish Zebronics as one of the leading Power solutions providers in the country.

IT Voice:-Target Markets?

Mr Rajesh Doshi:-As I’ve mentioned earlier the target market in the power segment is SME and govt segments. We are also catering to lots of small offices and homes. There are multiple opportunities in the SME segment, we are a brand that is providing an international standards product at affordable prices. As Zebronics has a nationwide presence, it’s easier for us to provide solutions to the customers even in the remote parts of the country. We think the power segment is going to be a huge business vertical of Zebronics in the coming years and help us stay “Always Head”.