“We are open to collaborating with any OEM or technology provider that will help us deliver better services to our customers.”- Mr. Anurag Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer at CMS IT Services

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer at CMS IT Services

Nisha Harshwal:- When did the company start & what was its vision when it started  

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra:-Originally founded in 1976, we are now in its current avatar for the last five years.  ‘CMS IT Services’ is a full services IT firm providing a full portfolio of services around System Integration, Application, Infrastructure and Digital. Our vision is “to deliver best in class customer experience through new generation IT services”.Today, we offer an integrated portfolio of products, solutions, and services built around Automation, Cloud, Cybersecurity & Digital.Currently CMS IT Services has over 6500 employees serving more than 300 leading enterprises across key industries in all 29 states of India. We have been successful in major customer acquisitions in the last few years. We have stood by our customers steadfastly in the last few months and have adapted ourselves to completely new modes of working. Our employees and engineers have risen to the occasion in providing uninterrupted services to  customers, which is the core of our vision. In the last few years we have undertaken a number of initiatives and helped customers in their digital transformation

Nisha Harshwal:- What are the changes in policies and strategies, company has initiated to successfully run this model?

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra:-We focus on delivering ‘outcome’ based IT Services. We have concentrated on growing our capability to execute and deliver large and complex Managed Services and System Integration Projects. We have also worked on strategic partnerships to offer the latest solutions to our customers especially around AI,ML and Bots. Our strengths lie in our pan India presence and our ability to customise and personalise our services as per customer needs.

We are pioneers in adoption of Automation and RPA both externally for our customers and internally for ourselves. Our focus on  cloud technology only enhances our ability to support our customers on their cloud journey.

We have strived to add value in every step of our relationship with the customer.  Delivery Excellence is paramount to us and we have adopted best practices like ITIL based Service Management, Hybrid models of delivery including Onsite and Offsite Management, NOC, SOC, Mobility Aps, Command Centers etc. to help service our customers better.

We have created valuable differentiators in the market through adoption of advanced tools and technologies, cost effective processes and proven expertise in delivering these solutions.Above all, we have a completely customer centric approach backed by a robust workforce servicing customers all across the country.

Nisha Harshwal:- What are the expected expansions?

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra:-We will continue to build on our deep capabilities around Digital, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Automation.  We will keep our focus on enhancing our value through our offerings.  Today’s work environment has undergone a disruption like never before. Enterprise customers are looking at a completely new set of work practices and rules as they enable more employees to work from home and through virtual medium. Suddenly, services like Cybersecurity and Digital have come to the fore on an emergency basis. Similarly, cloud services provide the flexibility to end customers to run their IT infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go and other flexible options and  we want to support them in this.  Automation has reduced dependency on human resources for a lot of the mundane activities and we are deploying it across our customers. We can then upskill our support and engineering staff for more important functions. We will continue to build expertise around the four areas mentioned earlier. These will be  be our engines of growth in  the next phase.

We are also exploring opening of our international operations.

Nisha Harshwal:- What is the company’s client base?

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra:-We are present across industry segments- BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Airlines, IT/ITES, Power, Telecom, Insurance, banking and Utilities and select Govt accounts. We have marquee customers in each industry segment and most of them are repeat customers. Apart from traditional managed services, our adoption of new technology like Automation and Digital has been received very well by our customers. We are able to deliver more value to them at the same costs. We have the right mix of Corporate and PSU / Government customers and we have multi-year contracts with most of them. Customers look for a trustworthy service partner that can run their IT infrastructure  in a secure an efficient manner as they concentrate on their core business. We are just being that partner.

Nisha Harshwal:- Who are the marketing partners in e-commerce of the company?

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra:-At CMS IT, we believe in accelerating growth through partnerships and work extensively with partners to extend our reach and our  technology-led service capabilities.

Our partnerships with leading global technology OEM’s such as Cisco, AutomationAnywhere, Trend Micro, IBM etc. enable us to build & deliver superior solutions to our customers. Since our client base is entirely made of Enterprise customers, we ourselves do not rely very heavily on e-commerce per se.

 We have a dedicated and professional Marketing team that uses the various digital and social media platforms to take our message to the market very effectively.

Nisha Harshwal:- Is the company planning any major collaboration, if any name it

Mr. Anurag Mehrotra:-CMS IT Services continues to evolve superior and outcome-based solutions for our customers. Our objective is to combine strengths of various best-of-class products and solutions to deliver composite, differentiated solutions to our customer.

Our System Integration solutions help our customers with higher agility, operational efficiency and reduced costs . For eg Procurement Automation Solutions leveraging RPA (Automation Anywhere), EDR Solutions for Security with Trend Micro, Contactless Workflow Solutions etc. We are committed to help our customers run their business smoothly and securely in the new normal. In today’s times of social distancing contactless business is very crucial. We have recently announced our collaboration with one of the leading Conversational AI platforms to provide contactless business solution to our customers. We are collaborating with a leading datacentre automation provider & with world’s largest security platform for the cloud.

We are open to collaborating with any OEM or technology provider that will help us deliver better services to our customers. We are constantly looking at ways to provide a positive disruption in our service delivery. We are in talks with a few of them and will share it once we formalise anything.