December 4, 2020

“We are confident that our eye-catching designs and quality will be a feel-good factor on the consumer mind.” – Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja, Director — NUU Mobile

NUU, in 2012 began an ambitious International Expansion project from the US and now we are catering globally with a wide range of product portfolio and is one of the latest entrants into the large and highly competitive Indian Mobile Handset Market. In an interaction with Nisha Harshwal NUU’s India Director – Sales & Marketing – Sarabjeet S. Saluja is betting big that his brand will be a game changer in this competitive and happening market with its unique and eye-catching designer phones thatwill help us to differentiate us from the rest.


Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja, Director — NUU Mobile

Nisha Harshwal : – What makes you confident that NUU will be a successful brand in the crowded Indian Smartphone segmentinspite being a new entrant or rather to put across a late entrant?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: – NUU mobile was founded in the US in 2010 to develop high-end smart phones. We opened a small R&D team in Minnesota US where we designed and tested our product in the most challenging, competitive and technological advanced environment and there is we realized our potential and gained strength to expand further. From there we have a legacy of making successful and uniquely designed product range. We have direct control over the device development and we ensure there is no compromise on the quality and performance which is our key strength. Moreover, in the past several years there has been drastic changes with respect to technology and business dynamics in India; where consumer expectations has grown to the next level and the current government initiative of going digital – we see a great opportunity for NUU as we can deliver quality, good looking reliable smartphones.

Nisha Harshwal : -How many models are you planning to launch and what would be the product portfolio for India? And by when do you plan to roll out your products?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: – NUU has a wide range of product portfolio delivered across the globe. For 2017, we have our portfolio ready for the Indian Market in which our mission is to introduce four designer high end Smartphones specifically designed for the Indian audience. We are focusing on delivering quality products tagged with customer oriented after sales services. Our products will be available from July 2017 onwards.

Nisha Harshwal : -Who will be your focus consumer segment? Any specific customer segment – youth or mature urban consumers?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja:- Globally, we currently see the Indian market as the fastest growing. The current demographics is in its best stage for quality electronic market and to your surprise what we have identified; Indian users are willing to spend more to get a quality smartphone with better features than merely wasting their time and money for lowered price Smartphones. Ideally, our phones are accessible to any age group; but what we genuinely feel – our target audience will range between Youths & working professionals, who loves designer-smartphones with special features and benefits. We will be going aggressive and penetrate deep inside the Indian market to create a long-term consumer base.

Nisha Harshwal : -What are your marketing plans?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: –We have some quite exciting marketing strategies in place, to be precise a 360° brand campaign both – offline and online presence. We have already identified some of the best properties on online and offline space. Like I mentioned earlier we are focusing on quality and after sales service which is an integral part to support any marketing initiative; as we are working on building a strong community of NUU brand followers in the Indian market.

Nisha Harshwal : -Online marketplaces have emerged in India. Will you route your product line through Online or have any plan to have an offline presence too?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: –We want the customers to get the look and feel of our innovative designs and quality before making their final purchase decision which the online space can’t offer. Hence, we will be purely focusing on offline channel to make sure we reach our target audience. We are confident that our eye-catching designs and quality will be a feel-good factor on the consumer mind.

Nisha Harshwal : -Inclination towards Mobile accessories are an emerging thing in India and each handset provider is exploring possibilities in it. Where do you stand in this segment?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: –The degree of sloping towards comfort and quality mobile accessories are in demand among the Indian consumers. We already have a wide range of Smartphone accessory portfolio; already selling in different nations across the globe which will soon be released in India following with innovative designs.

Nisha Harshwal : -What is NUU mobile’s target in terms of market share for year 2017?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: –We want to grow steadily in the market by offering the latest technology products that make everyday communication, entertainment and life enjoyable. Our mission is to deliver delightful experiences through meticulous design and smart technology tagged with best and unique after sales service which will be our key advantage while winning customer loyalty and this will finally give us a result on the market share.

Nisha Harshwal : -Who are you competitors?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: –We are a new entrant in the Indian market and currently our approach and focus is to provide quality, reliable and good looking smart phones with unique after sales service to the Indian consumers.

Nisha Harshwal : -Why should your target audience choose your product or service?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: –Our designs and products will be a satisfying factor for our customers. Our phones are slim, sleek, light in weight with innovative, premium and good-looking designer smartphone’s. Our endeavour is to provide the best service and quality to our potential customers.

Nisha Harshwal : -Young people are said to be developing a much more mobile thumb than previous generations, Do you think that your thumb will become more dexterous?
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: – India is one of the second largest dynamic and growing smartphone market. Our strategy is ‘simple and focused’ which mean that we will concentrate on connecting with our target audience, the youth, across all platforms where they are present. Youth and working professionals love premium designer smartphones with special features and benefits. Yes, we think that our thumb will become more dexterous, especially to youth with innovative camera technology too.

Nisha Harshwal : -What will be the Five words that describe your brand?

Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Saluja: –

  • Quality

  • Values

  • Consistency

  • Customer Service

  • Commitment