October 27, 2020

“Connectivity is a common problem and communication is the biggest risk.”- Mr. Pulkit Punj, Director at AnG India Ltd.,

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice,Mr. Pulkit Punj Director at AnG India Ltd.,reveals his strategies for business in India .
Pulkit Punj Director at AnG India Ltd.
Nisha Harshwal:- What is your plan in the Coming next financial year?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- We are constantly exploring new opportunities overseas, and now with a recent overseas wing in Canada. AnG India Ltd. has its eyes set on the international market as well. In India, we are planning to enter into healthcare segments such as hospitals, developing solutions for these verticals, introducing new products and services in the healthcare Industry.We also plan to extend our market share further more deep into the security market segment in the banking sector. Apart from this, our current market share in the banking Industry is 40-45% covering around 8000 to 12000 corporate and government bank branches. The expected growth in the market share is 18-19%.
Nisha Harshwal:- Are you planning for any new projects to launch this year?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- We are planning to launch a series of high end security products such as Smoke screen, which triggers an alarm in case of any detected threat, instantly emits smoke and decreases visibility. We also plan to launch next generation of Analytical and hybrid cameras which have crowd face recognition, area recognition or area masking, specific zone protection technology.
Nisha Harshwal:- Tell us about your company’s achievements and successful products?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- We provide Central Monitoring System (CMS) solutions to our clients. We give CMS command centre services specifically designed for the banking sector providing security solutions to various bank branches and ATM’s to secure them from any type of robbery or crime. We also provide security solutions in the remotest parts of India such as Leh, Kargil, port Blair, Nagaland etc and our best selling products are; the e- surveillance concept, CCTV solutions, Fire and access control systems, CMS technology and Vehicle monitoring system. Recently, with the radical move of the demonetization of currency notes of 500 and 1000 on the 8th November.
AnG took the center stage to preserve the video data of government and private bank and to ensure the safety of banks. The task was completed PAN India including government and private banks making installations in more than 10,000 locations to replace more than 16,000 hard-disks within a period of 25 days with an in-house team of 500 employees.
Nisha Harshwal:- What is your marketing strategy?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- We have continuously shifted in different mediums of marketing in the field of advertisement to reach out our target audience. We have also applied a set of various marketing strategies and marketing mixes throughout our journey.

Nisha Harshwal:- What constitutes video analytics?

Mr. Pulkit Punj:- Video analytics is also known as video content analytics, which describes computerized processing and analysis of video streams. Dashboard, live feed, video heatmaps and detailed statics of each video are the basic components of video analytics systems.
Nisha Harshwal:- What are the biggest challenges facing by the security solutions providers?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- One of the biggest challenges faced by solution providers is reach. I believe that most of the companies try to consolidate their clients Location wise so that service can be provided swiftly or simply to save costs. However, we took this as a challenge long back and reached a record 400-450 service engineers and 100+ service centres. This problem still persists amongst fellow players in the industry and as a result, we avoid work in inhospitable locations pan India, such as north east, Andaman Nicobar islands, Leh ladakh and other remote locations.
Nisha Harshwal:- What is the biggest risk associated with the IOT (Internet of Things)?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- In IOT,connectivity is a common problem and communication is the biggest risk. When devices need to communicate to each other in order to perform optimally, it becomes vital for performance.
For smooth operations, the transition needs to be seamless within devices, softwares and or both.
Nisha Harshwal :- Is your business ready for GST?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- Yes, we are fully equipped for this change in the tax regime.
Nisha Harshwal:- What are the most essential things must be followed before going for cloud computing?
Mr. Pulkit Punj:- It’s Backup ability, In order to be successful in cloud computing one need to have proper systems in order (physical and intellectual property included). Cloud computing is a vast subject, but this is one of the basics to achieve sustainability.
Moreover, a dedicated team to use the very same systems needs to be present. The team needs to be equipped with the knowledge of running the systems and follow processes.
An efficient backup and good infrastructure is definitely the basis for successful cloud computing.