We are always looking out for opportunities which go in line with our brand :- Mr. Manoj Khadkikar – Head Channels & Solutions Group Zicom

Manoj KhadkikarVikas Gupta :- What new trends are you seeing in the video security market?  Which new technology is the most exciting for Zicom?

Manoj Khadkikar :-  The convergence of IT and Security is a big trend that we are seeing currently . IP solutions demand has increased dramatically . As technology becomes standardized , the services riding on the hardware are emerging as the differentiating factor .

Vikas Gupta :- What are the strategies for the channel partners?

Manoj Khadkikar :- Enablement : We need to keep the channel aware of the latest technology as well as upgrade them to deliver the solutions correctly to the customer . We have a continuous process of training partners through seminars and hands on workshops so that they can get used to the technology. Engagement: Once the partners are trained , we proceed to the sales engagement through various engagement plans . These include lead generation , Marketing coop support , partner loyalty programs and incentive schemes for the partners .

Vikas Gupta :- Festival season is coming up in India with Ganpati Pandals, Diwali Celebrations, etc. How is the company planning to encash on this market?

Manoj Khadkikar :- We already have a great response to the MYCS initiatives . A logical extension to this is the Ganpati Pandals . You will see Zicom solutions being used in a lot of these Pandals this year .

Vikas Gupta :- Zicom entered in to marketing with Bigg Boss and gained a lot. Any plans of associations of this kind?

Manoj Khadkikar :- Bigg Boss has been a great platform for us . It helped us reinforce the strength of Zicom . We are always looking out for opportunities which go in line with our brand . We will announce all such engagements as and when they happen .

Vikas Gupta :- Retail segment is growing at a good. How is the company planning to encash on this segment?

Manoj Khadkikar :- The retail sales and distribution arm of Zicom is actively involved in this segment and has already mapped and started engagement with Retail partners . Our reach will exponentially grow in the retail partner segment . The retail especially modern Retail & LFR also has taken up our solutions in big numbers .

Vikas Gupta :- What have been the major changes that company that the company has witnessed under your leadership?

Manoj Khadkikar :- We have been able to realign the distribution network and also drive geo expansion . To ride on this , we have also launched a Channel programme – Core Secure club , which drives loyalty engagement with the partners through various means – Lead genearion , Coop Marketing , Business Development , Industry vertical solutions , etc

Vikas Gupta :- What changes are you noticing that will affect the future of the Security industry?

Manoj Khadkikar :-

1.       Consolidation : Slowly the customer is moving towards quality over price. hence the discussions about comparisons with low quality, low cost products have started reducing

2.       IP : With IP solutions becoming more affordable, we are seeing more IT partners getting involved in Security Solutions

3.    Services over hardware : the services are slowly becoming the differentiating factor over the hardware

4.       Convergence of various technologies : Technologies like CCTV, Access , FAS , Intrusion are getting amalgamated rather than being a stand alone solution