Our major focus through this company has been to provide cost effective solutions with value added services :- Limesh Parekh CEO Enjay IT Solutions

Limesh Parekh, CEO Enjay ,IT Solutions Ltd

Shweta :- Please tell us about the company. What are the different solutions offered by the company?

Limesh Parekh,
Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions

Limesh Parekh :- We started the company some fifteen years ago. Turning point was during 2005-2006 when thin client market started to pickup. We are pioneers in Thinclient solutions in India. Then in 2009 we diversified into other segments like storage, CRM, telephony integration software.

Our major focus through this company has been to provide cost effective solutions with value added services. eg When we provide Business Telephony integration solution, we also provide integration MS Outlook or SugarCRM, at the same time, we also provide employee monitoring tools as well as Full fledge CRM, Thus catering to almost entire IT requirement.

So yes we are here to offer solutions that will bring down your expenditure on IT solutions, thereby making companies techno friendly. We found that most of IT Partners don’t use IT effectively, so also we have a special version of CRM specifically designed for IT SI & Service providers, which we offer at a very convenient pricing

Shweta :- What has been your channel strategy to deliver products?

Limesh Parekh :-  We have always been an out and out channel friendly company. We have almost never deliver the solutions directly to the customers.

For our telephony integration software we have tied up with Matrix, Syntel and NEC. For other solutions, we have tied up with IT channel partners. We have support from our great partners like NCS, Insight Business Machines who has been with us since long and doing business with us. We also work with system integrators.

For the development of our partners, we keep on conducting regular training programs, provide them back end support. We have a dedicated pre sales team which helps the channel to identify the customer and also in qualifying the customer.

Shweta :-  What are the engines of growth for Enjay in India for this fiscal year?

Limesh Parekh :-  This year our focus will be on Telephony integration solution and ENJAY CRM.Our  Business Telephony Integration (BTI) Solution  called ENJAY Synapse is very uniquely useful, since it can talk to most of the popular EPABX and also most of modern software, with help of Synapse API.

Moreover, it has Ready Made connectors for MS Outlook & Sugar CRM and also provides functions like Popup, Click to call, Call logs, Call Recording link, etc. This is thus very useful to call centers and thus it becomes a very lucrative market for us.

Talking about ENJAY CRM,i would say now a days all the conversation regarding strategy happens on emails, mobile calls. owing to this getting all the reports at a place has become cumbersome. This can be solved by ENJAY CRM.hus you get Emails, phone calls and mobile call details – everything right into your CRM – without any human intervention. So now the world is moving towards convergence.

Shweta :- How do you see the market for thin client in India?

Limesh Parekh :- The thin client market is growing in India at Two levels. One those are offering cheap, entry level product and other that are proper embedded with application. We offer premium range of thin client which are application specific. We don’t create noise but believe in offering quality product.

We have application specific thin client specific like for SAP, call centers, etc. Recently we have launched our OS with the name Tornado which is based on linux. This helps in saving licensing cost. Hardly 1-2% of our solution are based on Windows. We have trained our vendors to provide customised solutions.

Shweta :- According to reports, CRM market in India is expected to touch 179 mn, how do you foresee the same in India?

Limesh Parekh :-  CRM segment is maturing very fast in the country. SMB/SME Segment is growing very very fast.That segment is extremely price sensitive.As business grows, automation is required to manage it efficiently and economically.

Moreover with the economic slack, the companies are more keen on looking solutions that solve their needs with minimum costs in addition to some value added services. CRM gives them exactly the same thing.

Basically just by compromising little integration part – they get to save more than 60% cost on automation. On top of that we are offering customized sugar CRM. This will also increase their productivity.

Shweta :- Open source has still not many takers in the country. What according to are the factors that will enable further acceptance of the OS?

Limesh Parekh :- Yes I agree that Open Source has few users but they all are genuine users. Govt has made many policies to promote Linux but they all are on papers. CAs in India use almost 17 govt sites, out of 15 are based on IE. So by default they become users of Windows as OS.

Also myths related to the safety, security concerns related to Linux is contributing to its less acceptance.

Corporates will themselves have to come ahead and ask for linux based solutions. A more proactive approach is required for marketing of open source. As I said earlier we have made Tornado which is desktop linux OS. We have started with pilot marketing of these OS at laptop showrooms based out at Surat and Vapi.

Shweta :- Indian SMBs IT spending is growing at 17% yoy. How do you plan to encash this market?

Limesh Parekh :- Small and medium size enterprises in India are the growth engine of Indian economy. They provide employment to 75% of workforce in India. We started the company with the vision of providing IT solutions to these SMBs.

We are increasing our presence at two levels- one at online and other offline. We have recently tied up with 2 partners based at hyderabad and Mumbai. They will be providing us e-commerce solutions, SEO solutions.

Offline our long associated partners will continue supporting us. Through them we will be first tapping our own database of 5000 clients. We are also planning to attend conferences post diwali with the intention of networking with CIOs.