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WD2Go and WDMyCloud service users experiencing access problems


Western Digital, a popular firm known for its hard drive technology designs, seems to be having some difficulties with its WD2Go and WDMyCloud services.

A user on Slashdot, a user-submitted technology news website, mentioned that the firm’s wd2go.com website has been down since past five days and counting. At the time of writing of writing this report however, the wd2go.com website was accessible for us, and showed a login page. However, some users on the WD Community forum are still indicating lack of access.

“A friend of mine bought a Western Digital ‘MyCloud’ NAS server (non-RAID) a couple of weeks ago. WD implements the cloud service through its wd2go.com site. He reports that that site is down and has been since last Wednesday. No word on when it’ll be back up,” stated the user – Nemo the Magnificent (2786867).

The post further mentions that the only official announcement made by the firm is that “Our My Cloud and My Book Live users are experiencing intermittent issues with Western Digital servers that enable remote access when using these products. These issues include poor transfer speeds and/or inability to connect remotely. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we are working very hard to resolve these issues and resume normal service as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and will provide updates as they are available.”

However, the firm is trying to fix the problem, as the latest post (on Sunday) by Western Digital staff on the WD Community website states “NOTICE: WD2Go.com and WDMyCloud.com users in relay mode are reporting that connections to devices are slow or unavailable,” followed by “WD is actively investigating this issue and is hoping to have the problem resolved soon.”

Last week WD launched the “My Cloud” personal cloud solutions servic

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