Vodafone unveils phone-charging sleeping bags and shorts

portable chargerNow phone charging sleeping bags and shorts launched to increase the battery life of your mobile phone.

Vodafone has unveiled unique sleeping bags and shorts for charging mobile phones in this summer’s Isle of Wight festival in the UK. The Sleeping bag and shorts have a technology that charges your mobile devices while walking, sleeping or even dancing. The devices harvest body heat and movement to increase the battery life of your mobile device.

The sleeping bags and short pants launched by Vodafone are called ‘Recharge Bags’ and ‘Power Shorts’. They contain special printed circuits that convert the user’s body heat or any movement whether sleeping, dancing, walking in to power for their mobile phones.

The technology for the Recharge Bag and Power Shorts was developed by Vodafone in collaboration with the University of Southampton’s Electronics and Computer Science Department. The technology called “smart fabric” is ideal for campers in outdoor events and can become a 24-hour power source for the users.

According to the company, if you sleep in the Recharge Bag for eight hours it will generate battery life that will give the user 11 hours of standby time, or 24 minutes of talk time; whereas walking in the Power Shorts will give the user over four hours of battery life. It uses thermal energy from the sleeping bag to create energy and kinetic energy from the shorts to power your mobile devices.