BIOSTAR Launches Audio Onboard with Hi-Fi 3D Technology

biostar14-6-13After wrapping up a successful Computex, where BIOSTAR showcased its embedded/IPC solutions and graphics cards products as well as a complete line of Intel and AMD based motherboards, Biostar are now focusing on the newly integrated motherboards that feature BIOSTAR own in-house audio technology called “Hi-Fi 3D”.

Hi-Fi 3D Technology is new from BIOSTAR and enables high definition multi-dimensional sound where it matters the most, in the presence of the listener with height, width, and depth. It’s based on the physics of reproduced sound and the basic human perception of sound. The high resolution sound reproduction goes beyond existing sound enhancements or virtualization technologies.

BIOSTAR revealed two new flagship products with this technology at this year’s Computex show. For the Intel Haswell CPU family, BIOSTAR has released the Hi-Fi Z87X 3D. For the AMD FM2 platform BIOSTAR has released the Hi-Fi A85W 3D supporting AMD FM2 APU.

These products are designed specifically for audiophiles, HTPC enthusiasts and high-end gamers alike and that “these new products make BIOSTAR motherboards stand out among competitors with a new level of audio performance for an on-board solution.” The new models include the usual high-end motherboard features like USB 3.0, HDMI and PCI-E slots. But being BIOSTAR boards, there are premium features and they are equipped with special components to ensure the best possible audio quality consistency. For example, these key features.