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VNS International Pvt Ltd plans to expand its portfolio of computing products by fostering tie-ups with more brands this fiscal year – Mr. Neeraj Garg , CEO, VNS international Pvt Ltd

Mr. Neeraj Garg , CEO , VNS international Pvt Ltd.

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Neeraj Garg , CEO , VNS international Pvt Ltd, reveals his strategies for business in India.

ITVoice Media) –  what have been the growth drivers for VNS International in the past couple of years?

Mr. Neeraj Garg) – VNS International Pvt Ltd has increased focus on high-end computing products and solutions on ML, AI, VR for industries like Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Education, Financial Services, Geospatial, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Product Development, Video Surveillance. In the past few years, the company has invested in building technical expertise and product availability for the complete range. The company has focused to work with channel partners to grow this business segment apart from working directly with end customers.

ITVoice Media) – what are VNS International Automations focus areas in  NCR Region in terms of the markets, industries and verticals that will help you maximize the potential?

             Mr. Neeraj Garg , CEO , VNS international Pvt Ltd

Mr. Neeraj Garg) – VNS International focuses on working with channel partners in NCR Region and has been working with them for over 15 years. The company works end to end with channel partners by providing presales technical support and helps them close business with their end customers. The company works with Government, Enterprise, SMB and SOHO customers directly and thru channel partners.

ITVoice Media) -what is VNS International roadmap for 2021-22?

Mr. Neeraj Garg) – VNS International Pvt Ltd plans to expand its portfolio of computing products by fostering tie-ups with more brands this fiscal year. The company at present is a partner for HP, Dell and Lenovo to name a few.

ITVoice Media) – currently, which product segments of VNS International are doing well in the market and which you are focusing for the current quarter?

Mr. Neeraj Garg) – High-end computing products like Workstations, Mobile Workstations, Premium Laptops along-with Servers and Storage is doing well in the market and the focus for the current quarter is HP Z Tower Workstations and HP Zbook Mobile Workstations along with solutions involving these products. Workstations provide higher computing power, performance storage, professional graphics, greater expandability, higher memory capacity, ISV certifications and collaboration & performance tuning.

ITVoice Media) – what are some of the points where VNS International products score over the competing forces in NCR Region?

Mr. Neeraj Garg) – Products that we sell are equipped with Extreme & Mission Critical Reliability, Unthrottled & Pro-Grade Performance, Next Gen Security including AI Threat Prevention, Purpose-built Product Design, Enhanced Experience. All features help to provide best in class Performance, Reliability, Durability & Security.

ITVoice Media) – what kind of strategy have you planned to position VNS International product successfully in the market?

Mr. Neeraj Garg) – VNS International Pvt Ltd has a team to cater to End Customers in all verticals and a separate team to cater to channel partners to help them with product positioning and sales. The company focuses on value addition and provides channel partners with all tools to help grow their business. The company uses marketing tools like Print Media and Digital Media for promotion and product awareness. The company has increased focus on Digital marketing in the last couple of years with a presence on all social media networks as well.

ITVoice Media) – How is the company positioned currently and what is your strategic roadmap for the year ahead?

Mr. Neeraj Garg) – VNS International Pvt Ltd started in Dec 1998 with IT retailing and Government projects. Since then it has grown into an organization doing business in channel and end customers like Government, Enterprise, SMB, SOHO.

Our vision is

Visualise – Visualise to materialise

Nurture  – Nurture customer relationships and trust

Strive – Strive to give the best, always

The company plans to expand and grow high-end computing business to the next level. With newer technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality is more and more adopted by various industries and business verticals, the company envisages exponential growth in this segment of high end computing products and solutions.


VNS International Pvt Ltd started in 1998. Since then it has grown into a business house doing business in IT Hardware, Software and Specialized solutions. VNS International Pvt Ltd is an Authorised partner for HP from over 22 years and does all key portfolios of HP like Desktops, AIO Desktops, Laptops, Displays (TFTs), Tower Workstations, Mobile Workstations etc. VNS also does HP Servers and storage solutions also. Further VNS is a partner for Dell and Lenovo for their computing products. VNS has in past worked with Sony, Fujitsu, Asus, Acer, HCL also in our growth journey.

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