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Mogi enables content platforms to stream buffer-free videos, of high quality, at 50% of their size. leveraging its patented AI technology – Vikrant Khanna, Mogi IO, Full Interview

Vikrant Khanna, Founder & CEO of Mogi IO
Vikrant Khanna, Founder & CEO of Mogi IO

Mogi IO is a B2B video/image enhancer. Established in the year 2019, it enables content platforms to stream buffer-free videos, of high quality, at 50% of their size leveraging its patented AI technology. Below is a transcript from an interaction between IT-Voice and Vikrant Khanna, Founder & CEO of Mogi IO.

Prateek: What is the vision behind Mogi IO?

Vikrant Khanna: Mogi aims to disrupt the video streaming space by leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI). Our Vision is to be known as a video tech company from India which is building disruptive technology in the video streaming industry. We also aim to bring to people across the world to enjoy video viewing experience seamlessly with high quality.

Prateek: With new trends, the demand for online streaming has increased. What problems does Mogi IO solve in the niche?

Vikrant Khanna: Our solution lies in three buckets: Video Tech, Image Tech, and White Label Solutions.

In all the three buckets mentioned, we have built innovative solutions around problem areas which the industry is grappling with.

These are –

  • Video Tech – Mogi has built a disruptive IP – Mogi Streaming Engine for which we have filed for a patent. Mogi Streaming Engine delivers buffer-free videos through our multi-CDN architecture. Our second IP is wherewith AI, we can successfully achieve video compression which is 50% superior to another transcoding/compressions solution available and we do this while enhancing the quality of the video.
  • Image Tech – Mogi compresses the images of any website or any app by up to 80% which positively impacts the performance of the website/app. This also improves their SEO Ranking, while their bandwidth consumption for image data transfer decreases by 80%.
  • White label solutions – In case anyone has the content and wants to launch their own OTT app, they can do so in a matter of few days using Mogi’s plug & play solutions. One can start monetizing their content via Subscription (SVOD), Pay per View (TVOD) & Advertising (AVOD)

Prateek: How Artificial Intelligence can change the face of video streaming?

Vikrant Khanna: AI capabilities are vast and industry players have started leveraging this in the video streaming space. Mogi uses AI to do content-aware transcoding & compression while enhancing video quality. This dynamic bit rate control ensures videos compression is at least 50% better as compared to conventional methods & quality is top-notch. This is just one of the examples. Similarly, there are many other use cases where AI can understand, analyze text, images, and videos.  This enables companies to curate users with the content that they find most interesting, and empower creators to share moments.

Prateek: What are the USPs of Mogi IO?

Vikrant Khanna: Mogi enables content platforms to stream buffer-free videos, of high quality, at 50% of their size. leveraging its patented AI technology. This buffer-free video results in superior viewer engagement while reducing streaming costs to half for the video platform. Mogi has built various products catering to different industries.

 These include –

  • Photu – Image Tech for faster website loading time.

80% image compression for superfast website & app page downloads speeds. Smart Crop and Auto resize based on device. This leads to Higher Organic SEO Ranking, Lower bounce rates, Higher Revenue

  • Videu– Mogi’s Video Tech solution has 2 IPs. First, is AI-based transcoding wherein Mogi delivers video compression which is 50% superior to any other transcoding solution in the market while enhancing quality. Mogi’s second IP is its Patented Multi-CDN tech – Mogi Streaming Engine, which delivers buffer-free
  • MOTT – White Label OTT solution, enables content creators & owners to launch their own OTT app in a matter of days. This solution has 4 layers – App, Backend CMS, video cloud infrastructure & Monetization. All monetization options like AVoD (advertising video on demand, SVoD (subscription video on demand), and TVoD (transactional video on demand) are integrated with this with Plug n Play solution.
  • Liveu – Lightweight RTMP live stream, that supports millions of concurrent live users, with easy access and easy share

Prateek: What will be the company’s plan for expansion in the coming days?

Vikrant Khanna:  Mogi recently raised funding from Pentathlon Ventures. This year, the Startup plans to launch retail products for video & image tech solutions across product segments along with their white label OTT.

Additionally, Mogi plans to hire top talent for tech development, product & sales. Mogi also plans to invest in marketing & expand geographies to target the SEA this year.

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