Though the IT sector has adopted HRTech in their organizations for a while now, all the non-IT companies are increasingly realizing its power – Vijay Yalamanchili, Keka HR Tech, Full Interview

Vijay Yalamanchili, CEO, Keka HR Tech

Vijay Yalamanchili, CEO, Keka HR Tech

Keka is an HRMS that offers end-to-end solutions. From automation of people processes to creating an engaged and driven culture, Keka HR helps your teams to adapt, evolve, and scale by working more effectively. Below is a snippet from a recent interaction between team IT-Voice and Mr.Vijay Yalamanchili, CEO, Keka HR Tech.

Prateek: How employees’ productivity is enhanced with the help of HR initiatives?

Vijay Yalamanchili: A strategic plan increases the chances of a business to build commitment among employees. Haphazard and unclear job roles make it difficult for employees to know their responsibilities in everyday work. If the plans prepared by the HR managers are clear, easy to understand, and well communicated, employees will be more motivated. Employee benefit plans, allowances, gifts, excellent working environment, deserved promotions, employee appraisal, and plans for their mental and physical health improvement are some of the ways to increase employee productivity. People work better when they feel included, comfortable and are aware of how their actions are translating to assist in reaching the company objectives.

Prateek: What is the role of HR strategies in overall organizational growth?

Vijay Yalamanchili: An HR is the bridge between managers and the CEO. Instead of micro-controlling, Keka believes in not just a self-service portal but also a report management system for managers that presents itself as a business partner and a companion, rather than just a tech element. Strategic HR initiatives lay the foundation of a strong business, allowing the company to work together towards the common goal, ultimately helping in organizational growth.

Prateek: How is Keka making a difference with its Performance Management solutions?

Vijay Yalamanchili: Managing employee performance is difficult for any organization, especially if there isn’t an existing system that gives great results. Keka’s performance management software is simple, powerful, and employee-centric. With Keka, organizations and HRs can engage employees with One on Ones, recognize and share feedback anytime and anywhere, set smart goals and motivate the team to achieve them on time, conduct 360-degree feedback and performance reviews, and more.

Prateek: Where do you want to take Keka in the next 5 years? What will be the growth plan?

Vijay Yalamanchili: Keka is already the leading HRMS provider in the SME segment of India. With concrete steps taken towards global expansion for an aggressive growth curve, Keka has been accelerating its outreach programs from the past 6 months. Instead of getting dissolved within the next 20-25 years by creating automation possibilities for things that aren’t required, we are determined to stay and solve the problems as they come. Through this, we intend to continue promoting and creating a people-first culture that is embraced by companies of all sizes.

Prateek: Which sector is seeing the impact of the HRTech platforms?

Vijay Yalamanchili: Though the IT sector has adopted HRTech in their organizations for a while now, all the non-IT companies are increasingly realizing its power. We are witnessing a steady rise in demand across all sectors. Every field is different, so are their problems. While HR automation services are being implemented now more than ever, Keka is seeing a much higher adoption rate due to adaptability, scalability, and features that suit every organization, regardless of its sector and size.

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