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Euro Cars’ partnership with Keka’s HRMS boosts employee attendance accuracy by 95%

Keka’s HRMS boosts Euro Cars’ productivity by 22%
Keka’s HRMS boosts Euro Cars’ productivity by 22%

Euro Cars, a mobility solutions provider, has partnered with Keka, the HRMS segment leader, for effective automative streamlining of its HR processes. The move is seen by Euro Cars as a success in the increase in overall productivity.

Euro Cars are India’s leading mobility solutions business. Before roping in Keka, it handled its HR processes manually. It ranged from leave & attendance to letter generation. Lack of automation in these services resulted in HR-related difficulties that included the mishandling of attendance. So, they brought in Keka to handle these processes in an automotive mode.

Keka, with its efficient approach, got the crucial results to boost Euro Cars’ productivity. These included selfie attendance, GPS tracking, & mobile attendance that increased employee attendance tracking accuracy by 95%. Euro Cars saved 48 hours of IT declarations & tax processes management. The productivity increased by 22%. An important feature is the LOAN one, which allows employees to trace their loan status and remaining instalments to help apply for a new loan. Euro Cars managed to increase its external services based on these HR reforms.

“Keka has been a transformational tool for our company. We are glad to have identified software that has an overall service level of customer delight. Be it their impeccable and wholesome software, smooth onboarding, or their after-sales support. With Keka updating daily, I don’t think I’ll ever have to look at another HRMS tool in the foreseeable future as Keka is excellent for every company’s size,” Mohit Mangal, Director, Euro Cars, mentioned.

“Keka’s primary focus is providing complete state-of-the-art automotive HRMS requirements. We are pleased that Euro Cars’ diverse processes got modernised through our services. This association has not just added value to Euro Car’s internal & external growth, but also made us add another success story in our name,” added Vijay Yalamanchilli, CEO, Keka. 

Keka is into automotive HR management services. Over 3000 businesses in & outside India are their clients, making them India’s leading organisation in the HRMS sector. Keka uses the latest market technologies to boost diverse HR processes as per the client’s needs.

Keka’s support for Euro Cars is the latest success.

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