ViceJar App Launches With Swears And Dragons

nav_logoNoble Digital launches an explanation video for the newly launched ViceJar app. ViceJar is a savings and lifestyle tracking tool that has taken the concept of a traditional swear jar and digitized it with real cash. Using cash as a cold hard motivator, people are more likely to change their behavior.

Noble Digital was hired by the startup to write and produce the video to demonstrate what happens when you use the product in it’s truest form, as well as how “regulator” regulates you when you’ve broken your own promises to yourself.

Like a swear jar, but for any kind of vice or goal, the choice to include some light profanity is in direct relationship to the product,” says Allen Martinez, producer-director of the video. “Obviously the goal is to entertain and engage, first and foremost… but through organic sharing of the video over time through a modest social media campaign, the customer will reveal itself. Since the app is brand new with no customer base, the video serves as the ultimate vehicle for customer discovery.

And what about the dragon? Martinez quips “Dragons are cool… I guess the moment is a bit of comic, non-sequitur, Runi is taking her role as a regulator very seriously… she is definitely an A-type personality, so I wanted that last dragon moment to serve as a window into her world revealing some depth about a character that we don’t know fully, in order to make her more dimensional. She is at a place where our jogger hopes to get to once he achieves his goals; totally empowered and action-oriented, like Runi. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see of Runi and Jarvis.

source : efy-times