Kaspersky Security For Mac Protection Earns AV-Comparatives’ Seal Of Approval

it voice Kaspersky logpKaspersky Security for Mac achieved Approved Security Product award in the recent Mac Security Review conducted by the AV-Comparatives laboratory. The lab’s experts made special mention of the high quality protection technologies implemented in the product, as well as important additional features and user-friendly interface.

With the increasing popularity of Mac computers comes the unwelcome attention of cybercriminals. According to Kaspersky Lab statistics, 2012 saw a 30% increase on the amount of malware detected for OS X. Although there are more viruses targeting Windows than Mac, it is now evident that OS X needs security as well.

AV-Comparatives, the independent analytical laboratory, examined eight security solutions for Mac developed by leading vendors focusing on product parameters such as usability and protection efficiency. All products were tested using OS X Mountain Lion.

To test the products’ protection technologies, 20 real malicious applications for OS X were selected that the experts felt were a representative sample of all the dangerous objects detected on the platform in the first half of 2013. Kaspersky Security for Mac blocked all of them.

In addition, AV-Comparatives checked how well the products could block Windows malware, which most products claimed to offer. Kaspersky Lab’s solution successfully blocked 100% of the 500 samples in this part of the test.
In conclusion, Kaspersky Security for Mac was granted the Approved Security Product award. AV-Comparatives appreciated the user-friendly interface and additional features like virtual keyboard and parental control.

The latest version of Kaspersky Lab’s security solution for Mac was presented in August under the new name Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. The product combines enhanced protection technologies with a convenient and easy-to-use interface.

source : efy-times