September 25, 2020

VAYOKI: The HIGH-TECH Smartphone now for everyone in India

Ranbir Singh A high technology  smartphone is a must have  these days. The best feature  of a high-tech smartphone is  its user-friendliness and  capability to make task  easier. VAYOKI  TECHNOLOGY P LTD.  proudly presents its wide  gamut of high tech  smartphones in India. For  instance are its Unbreakable,  Waterproof, Pure-metal and  Slimmest smartphones  available in almost half the  price than other international brands.

Mysterious and high-tech mobile brand VAYOKI enters Indian market with ground-breaking technology introduction as five top-notch global organizations have come together under one roof collaborating their resources, design, concept and infrastructure.

One of the great advantages of the technology that VAYOKI brings to India is the introduction of world’s first unbreakable smartphone that gives a long life not only to the phone but also to relationships. Most of us hesitate to give our smartphones to our children fearing that they might break them. However, now one doesn’t need to snatch away the Vayoki unbreakable smartphone. Thus the unbreakable smart phone makes bond stronger and lets one save money.

S50  粉色-1The makers of VAYOKI have chosen Titanium-Zinc alloy to manufacture its framework, making it rock strong. Hence, stay away from the fear of mobile phone damage with VAYOKI’s 360 degree full range shatter resistant technology. The break-proof, beat-proof and shock proof phone is here to stay and strengthen you from within. Voila! The tough phone is out in an elegant design and an elegant temperament.

The next big thing for smartphone after touch, Gesture Sensing Technology is in. VAYOKI takes the level of user-friendliness to newer heights. The users now no more need to touch the screen in order to operate their smartphone. They can easily control the smartphone by just waving their palm. Users can wave hands to unlock the device, browse pictures, change videos, jump tracks, scroll, roll, turn pages, play songs and enjoy the advance experience. So next time if your hands are messed up doing some daily chore, worry not and pick that call with just a wave of your hand.

Says Ranbir Singh, Vice President, Marketing, VAYOKI Technology, “VAYOKI encapsulates every dimension essential for a smartphone. Its features are better than the rest and price almost half than its competitors. With company’s brand theme leading to the future, VAYOKI indeed poses a tough competition for the market leaders in mobile technology.”

The VAYOKI smartphone technology is also out with world’s first lightest and slimmest high-end smartphone. The unique OGS (One Glass Solution) is the reason behind its weight reduction, perfect light transmission, dust resistance and enhanced touch sensitivity. VAYOKI’s pure metal smartphone technology has successfully overcome metal shielding problems.

For the ardent lovers of music, VAYOKI is out with the first stereophonic double-speaker music mobile phone worldwide. It contains two HD stereophonic loudspeakers. The smartphone is out in a small body but promises for a high performance. So let the party begin as there is no better way than to play the music on your own smartphone. What’s more! Reach all new real-scene experience in games through double-ellipse design technology developed keeping in mind passionate mobile phone game players. This phone can easily challenge any other phone in the gaming segment of mobile phones.

Apart from providing the world’s best Technology, Features, Designs, Concept; VAYOKI offers 12 months Warranty on Handsets and 6 months warranty on Battery, Adaptor, Data Cable and Hands free; VAYOKI focuses on After Sales Services to their customers in 24-48 hrs TAT through its 500 Service Centers across India.

So, come let’s create the perfect quality and start wonderful intelligent life with VAYOKI Mobile!

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