The innovative integrated education management software maximize students’ potential by enabling better collaboration between principals, teachers, parents, students and educational content providers

imagesKNEWCLEUS, the only brand that focuses on Family-School interaction now launches six new breakthrough solutions that encourage Analytics and Collaborative Communication for the holistic development of a student, thereby helping him to realize his complete potential. The six educational solutions comprise Analytics and Discovery Engine, Collabtool, Intelli-Gradebook-CCE complaint, Student Information System (SIS++), extra mile-Managed IT Infrastructure and Powerpack. These are all education management software that aid students in capitalizing on their potential.

Commenting on the benefits of the solutions, B. Jayashankar, Co-Founder and Director, KNEWCLEUS said “KNEWCELUS solutions have been designed to make the communication between the school management, students, teachers and parents smooth and effective and it significantly touches three aspects – collaboration, report card and attendance. Over a period of time, we realized the need of transforming the linear (one-to-one) education process to a collaborative ecosystem for better development of student-school relationship on one hand and improving overall performance of students, on the other hand. To sum it up, KNEWCLEUS makes education management easy, teaching effective and learning fun.”

The Knewcleus Analytics and Discovery Engine analyzes the Intelli Grade-book and helps in categorizing proficiency levels. Teachers can tag each assessment or tasks with a relevant label before grading the class. The Analytics Engine picks up all such tags and puts it in one of the four proficiency categories based on the grade scored by the student. The Discovery Engine takes over hereafter. It discovers relevant content, based on grades from the student’s assessment. The Discovery Engine relies on an algorithm which assists in finding the most relevant content, based on the student proficiency. Teachers will just have to choose the most relevant content and add it to the list. It also enables all users to discover content and contribute to the school’s system.

The Collabtool proprietary technology solves the issue of one-sided communication where the Parents want their input to be heard and acted upon. This is done through a unified messaging center which is the easiest information dissemination system available.

The Intelli-Gradebook-CCE complaint is designed to present parents, students and teachers with a snapshot of the student’s performance in terms of marks and grades. It shows reports in real time and performance can be measured in grades, marks as well as percentages. Gradebook, once generated, can be downloaded or printed directly from the Knewcleus platform reducing the repetitive administrative work for teachers by taking them one step closer to being a paper-free school. This solution is approved by the CBSE Board and is also flexible to be accommodated by other boards. It has certain specific features like:
· Conversion of marks into grades

· Automatic descriptions of co-scholastic skills in 244 characters on entering grades

· Splitting of marks across practical and theory

· Flexibility to create many sub-assessments

· Seamless integration with a ‘unified messaging system’ to communicate activity

· Integrated “Rubrics” to further evaluate performance

· Data structure for Analytics and Discovery Engines

· Automatic acceptance of marks from online post evaluation

· Green Sheet (consolidated grade sheet) for schools

· Data provision to CBSE in the required format, thereby eliminating double data entry

The Student Information System (SIS++) organizes school data and lets you manage it with ease. SIS++ is a potent tool to handle day-to-day operations of the school such as managing daily/monthly attendance of students, school activity and event schedules, weekly timetables, student health records, maintaining a log of homework, a list of all online and other assignments, entering new enrolments, circulars and notices, sharing progress reports etc. Complete record of students’ histories is easily viewed and printed. This solution comes with certain innovative features like:
· Automatic organization of data at a class level and classification under classmates, teachers, parents and management

· One-click communication across all users relevant to each other

· Chat option

· SMS integration for quick communication

· Display of online status of users

The Extra mile-Managed IT Infrastructure allows easy installation and management of the IT infrastructure of the school.

The Powerpack enables Web design, hosting, email ID management, maintenance, web updates and everything else your school has to offer.

Derive the best of technology with these solutions from KNEWCLEUS and give your school and students superlative educational facilities targeted towards facilitating exceptional teaching and learning.


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