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Use of AI in battling Anti-Semitism

A group of scientists from various countries has come up together to decode anti-semitism with the usage of AI. This project will comprise of some researchers, polyglots, and antiquarians. They will all help in recognizing anti-semitism. The group will also have investigators and scholars from London’s king’s university.



One of the polyglots has said that this battle is important to fight so that they can stop people from becoming radicalized and also, they can take charge of implied matters that can later in the future become unambiguous.

It is also known anti-semitism can be depicted through the usage of codes, the most common one is juice which is a code word for Jews. Therefore, it needs to be stopped as it can create pigeonholes in the minds of people.

To stop this from affecting more and more people, computers will be used as it will generate good results in a faster time.

Currently, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France are the places where the work has started and it will expand to other countries as well.