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Blix says ‘Apple’s not playing reasonably’

Apple’s action of removing Blix’s Blue mail from the Mac App store has caused a lot of trouble to both sides. The reason why Blue mail was removed was that Apple had accused blue mail of trespassing and mistreating Apple’s supremacy.

The matter became serious when Blix’s maker went to Europe to meet the anti-trust chief to complain about how wrong Apple is playing in the market.



The anti-trust chief was already investigating the application store and the payment system of Apple when the complaint happened. She was checking the online gatekeepers from which several businesses depend on it. But the anti-trust chief will proclaim some new rules to look deeper into apple’s movements.

Later on, Apple has allowed blue mail to enter in the app store but has named some security issues for the elimination.

Blix’s maker has said this in an interview that Apple does not play reasonably and it is biased to other apps that it does not own.

Facebook and Microsoft have also given their voices regarding the rules which are made by Apple.