Updated Flipboard app for Android and iOS adds Instagram Videos support

Flipboard logoFlipboard adds Instagram Video support: now Android and iOS users can view 15 second videos when sharing a magazine.

Facebook at a recent event introduced the ability to view Instagram Videos. Now Flipboard has become one of the first partner services to integrate with Instagram’s new video-taking feature. The new feature allows you to view the 15 second videos from Instagram within the Flipboard app for iOS as well as Android while sharing your magazines.

The Instagram Videos will start appearing in your feed after you update the latest version of the Flipboard app. Flipboard has also updated its Android and iOS apps to include some new features. The Flipboard for iOS v2.0.4 app allows the user to share videos via Twitter and Facebook. The new apps for Android and iOS, includes some improvements as well as bug fixes. However users will not be able to find the Instagram video support for Flipboard in the changelist according to TNW.

Flipboard had updated its iOS app to version 2.0 in March – the new update allowed users to publish their own content. More than 50,000 magazines were created in just two weeks after the launch of the new version. Microsoft had also recently announced that a Windows 8 version of Flipboard is also coming soon.

The video sharing feature was added to Instagram earlier this month and gained instant popularity with more than 5 million videos uploads within the first 24 hours. But the hot start for Instagram video has cooled down considerably after its launch.

Flipboard also included access to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, SoundCloud, LinkedIn as well as Google+ though it has not added support for Vine yet.